Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing Automation

MS Dynamics 365 Marketing – Personalize Customer Experiences

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a powerful tool for you to experience personalized marketing communication with your customers. It acts as a closed-loop marketing system, which functions to collect and analyze the results of marketing communications so that you can make changes in messaging.

Closed-loop marketing is a strategy where all marketing tactics and results are used to analyze future marketing decisions. MS Dynamics365 Marketing is a closed-loop marketing system, which allows tracking all campaign activities as well as collects and analyzes the results. Every campaign data can also be linked with the campaign costs so you can also determine your return on investment for various marketing efforts.

Dynamics 365 provides a seamless experience allowing you to increase leads, expand sales, and strengthen marketing capabilities. Dynamics365 for Marketing also helps to automate marketing processes allowing you to concentrate on crafting the right message and targeting the right people via the right platform.

By using Dynamics 365 Marketing, you can:

1- Create online content and graphical email messages

2- Design interactive customer journeys to nurture leads with personalized experiences

3- Tap into LinkedIn’s business prospects

4- Share information across teams

5- Know your leads better

6- Organize and publicize events

7- Analyze and document your marketing ROI

8- Prioritize leads for more wins

9- Make survey results more actionable

10- Configure and expand the application

Dynamics 365 Marketing includes a number of apps for marketing excellence and coordination with sales. Some solutions/apps are available as add0ons with other products of Dynamics 365 but some are available within marketing package. The apps included are Core Marketing, Event Management, Voice of the Customer, Dynamics 365 Connector for LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms, and Dynamics 365 Portals (optional).

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