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Seamless CRM Integration Services

Put your marketing and sales data to work with tight CRM integrations. We’ll bring your crucial data to your customer-facing teams, empowering them for smart decision-making that fuel your business growth. We can integrate applications, content management systems, and email marketing systems with your CRM solution.

Engage customers more effectively

Our customized sales and marketing solutions will boost your business productivity, and allow your team to deliver super customer experience. Integrating your CRM with back-office applications like ERPs or Accounting Packages has manifold advantages. As you begin to formulate and achieve your CRM strategy, it’s vital to have optimal visibility into each customer lifecycle. Here, we’ll support free data exchange between your various applications and systems, allowing Sales and Services staff to respond to customer requests faster.

Gain visibility into your customer lifecycle

The fundamental feature of a CRM system within any organization is to keep track of customer interactions. If your CRM isn’t effectively integrated with digital channels like website and email system, or application like ERP, the complete 360°  view of the customer is not possible. As an innovative CRM solution provider, we will come forward and combine all of your data at a single dashboard, giving you complete visibility into customer lifecycle.

Plan, execute and measure marketing activities.

At Tech Implement, we have mastered the art of integrating CRM systems with frontend and backend systems. Our engineers integrate your CRM with any system that provides an external output be it through APIs, SDKs, CSV/Excel exports or even database connectivity. We understand our customers’ business need for integrating systems – and help them understand data, plan marketing activities, and executive in a seamless manner.

Integrations We Have Successfully Implemented

Here’s the list of integrations we have done with different CRM applications

Application Frameworks

•   Core PHP
•   CakePHP
•    Symfony 1/2
•   CodeIgnitor
•   Zend
•   Android
•   iOS

Ecommerce Systems

•   Magento
•   CubeCart
•   Paypal
•   GooglePay
•   Sage Webstore
•   Volusion
•   Stripe

Email/SMS Services

•   MailChimp
•   Zimbra
•   Eventbrite
•   Zendesk
•   Twilio
•   Google Calendar
•   Microsoft Skype for Business

Accounting Systems

•   Quickbooks
•   MYOB
•   Saasu
•   XERO
•   Calyx

Content Management Systems

•   Joomla
•   WordPress
•   Drupal
•   PyroCMS

Document Management System

•   Alfresco
•   DocuSign
•   Sharepoint

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