Work From Home Tips during COVID-19 Outbreak

Work From Home Tips during COVID-19 Outbreak

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, almost all the companies of all sizes have decided to take precautionary measures as well as implementing necessary policies to protect their employees and communities. Work from home full-time is one policy adopted by companies all around the world to deal with unusual circumstances. 

Possibly, you have already worked from home but this time it is not just for one day but maybe for an extended period of time or you have no idea how long it will continue. From management to Internees, the whole company is involved. Here are some tips that can help employees to be more productive at work from home as well as maintaining their mental well-being avoiding any distraction. 

1- Have a clear line between work and home mode 

Don’t forget that you are there to work, dress well, and mentally be at work. You don’t need to dress formally but having a change makes you confident and active. Besides, just because you are working from home doesn’t mean that no one from work will see you. It’s a modern era and we all have to take video meetings.  

Designate a workspace at home, so that you can have a fine transition from your home mode to office feel. Don’t let home things distract you in any way.

2- Be realistic on your goals 

Be realistic in identifying what you have to achieve. Don’t list down so many things and then get disappointed at the end of the day having things left to be done. Choose a few things to do before lunch and follow the plan.

3- Don’t forget to take breaks 

When we work in the office, there are many little bursts like chats at the water cooler, meetings, productive conversations with colleagues, and lunch breaks. But while working from home, these breaks might be missing leading to a working day with long, and unbroken periods. Divide your day in a way to spend 40-45 minutes fully focused on work and then have a small break to relax your mind and be more productive. 

4- Be social

While working from, you might be focused on your work but in the short term. Shortly, you will start feeling cut off from the rest of the company. Instant messaging, company channels, and video meetings can make it easy for you to be engaged with your colleagues. 

5- Avoid distractions

Being in an office gives us hardly a few things to get distracted, but when you work in a different environment or at home it can be easy for you to get distracted. You must be conscious enough to avoid such things that are distracting you and hence you are losing your focus on work. 

6- Communicate with your team 

Regular check-ins can also be a great way to add some structure. For example; a 15-minutes meeting with managers at the start of the day may help employees to have better communication and they might know what exactly are the requirements of the day. Managers can set priorities without any confusion.

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