Why Your IT Department Needs Sugar CRM?


Why your IT department needs a great CRM system? That is a valid question because mostly the sales team and the customer support team is involved truly with a CRM.

But we don’t realize that it is the IT department that is responsible for every kind of integration.

As well as dealing with the technical aspect of the system.

It is important for your CRM selection team to work with the IT department for choosing the best possible system for your organization.

Mostly it is really difficult to handle the technical aspects of a CRM because not many of these provide you the freedom to customize them according to your business’s needs.

Sugar CRM is an exception in this case because it allows you systematically to customize it accordingly.

It provides easy integration, data security and privacy, and scaling opportunities.

Let’s have a look at all of these aspects one by one.

1.       Easy Integration

Sugar provides easy integration opportunities to its users.

It is possible to integrate it with inbound marketing, relationship analysis, management tools etc.

You can also integrate business intelligence applications and store email and contacts from your client’s email through different plugins.

It is also possible to create custom plugins for integrating with different applications.

2.       Security & Data Privacy

Data is an expensive commodity and when you are dealing with hundreds of clients and their valuable data the concern for data safety and privacy becomes even bigger.

Sugar provides the capability to divide these roles.

You can limit the access to certain features and data for specific employees.

Sugar has taken a lot of steps for ensuring data privacy and compliance with the new GDPR policy.

3.       Scalability

Sugar CRM ensures that your CRM grows with your company.

It isn’t pleasant to buy a CRM and afterward, you have to buy the enterprise version.

Sugar CRM is designed and developed while keeping the needs of small and big organizations in mind.

It ensures scale-ability and makes sure that you can enjoy great performance, reliability, and advanced integration capabilities.

Business intelligence additions like Sugar CRM Hint can help you save up to 17 minutes per lead.

All of these qualities make it must for your IT department so they can provide the team with the best available CRM having all the necessary integrations.