Why SugarCRM is Time-Aware CX Platform

Why SugarCRM is Time-Aware CX Platform

Complete and accurate customer data is critical to building a better CX platform. Many CX platforms only provide a snapshot of critical metrics. When you have just snapshots of customer’s data, you don’t really understand the customer or your business which may result in wrong prediction leading to not so good decisions. Missing the most important “time element” – these tools provide incomplete data with no actionable insights.  

SugarCRM has redefined the 360- degree customer concept and added the key missing component: Time. More than just a CRM, SugarCRM is turning its platform into a “time-aware” customer experience. Unlike the other platforms which provide a 360-degree view of customer data of one moment in time right now. SugarCRM is the only CX platform that records every change in the customer journey, providing a cutting-edge stream event database.  Many CRM platforms work to give you the instant glance of your work pipeline including the number of prospects, at which stage they are and who they are. But, SugarCRM is one step ahead from other CRMs as it not only shows you where your prospects are but also tells you how they have come here. SugarCRM offers insights and forecasts to boast the CX. It is very important to understand that the time-aware approach helps you to unlock data benefits, insights and provides analytics to take actions. 

The time-aware tool in SugarCRM, known as Sugar Discover works on the machine learning phenomenon to study the patterns and change events in a customer’s journey and suggest the next step. SugarCRM controls the predictive powers to show you the best possible actions to convert the present prospect into future customers. 

SugarCRM can be used either on-premise or on the cloud. It also works offline and all the change events get updated when it is reconnected to the internet. Using Sugar, organizations gain rich insight into the past, present, and future of their customer-facing business processes. Having a time-aware customer experience platform gives importance to the time and effort you put into any customer’s journey, by giving you the insights as well as forecasts.