Why CRM is Important for Real Estate Industry?

Why CRM is Important for Real Estate Industry?

“Relationships are built on a timeline – providing the right service at the right time”

Real Estate is a business that thrives on relationships. If a real estate brokerage doesn’t know how to build and maintain relationships, they will lose business. The happier your customers are, the more chances are there to get business. Strong customer relationship is more important for real estate companies than any other business. A CRM system helps real estate agents manage existing clients, prospects in-process of buying or selling a home, and past clients who used brokerage any time in the past. 

Understanding different segments and modules within CRM makes it easier for real estate agents to understand how the platform streamlines processes and relationship management. Clients who are actively searching for a new home may have different needs from those who closed on a home in the past, but they may be the ones who refer the agents to friends or relatives. CRM allows agents to manage connections and track relationship data over time by simplifying client management. CRM facilitates agents with high quality, branded interaction, client preferences, budget tracking, monitoring buying and selling behavior over a period of time, systemized follow-up processes for tenant support, increased revenues with up-selling and cross-selling, and marketing automation. 

If you are in real estate, here are the 5 compelling goals that CRM can help you to achieve. 

Increase efficiency and productivity 

Real estate agents are probably ones that are always in a rush, moving from one task to another. When they are not scheduling meetings or visiting sites, they are following up on lead inquiries. Hence, they should not spend more time on redundant tasks. CRM enables you to automate most of your repetitive tasks so that agents can have enough time to work on important things. Automation of activities like lead distribution, certain responses to prospects, notifications impacts the overall business performance. 

Manage leads effectively

Customers now expect faster responses from businesses. But this goal becomes hard to achieve when all the leads are scattered across various platforms including social media, estate portals, exhibitions, websites, and others. CRM lets you store all the leads and details in a single and secure location. This enables real estate agents to quickly respond to prospects and customers with accurate information. 

Customer retention 

Retaining customers is equally important as acquiring customers. CRM helps you execute plans to retain customers even after closing a deal. You can stay in touch with your customers by communicating with them on certain occasions via email. You can send them newsletters about what’s happening in your company, services changes, and referral campaigns.

Integrate with multiple channels 

CRM for real estate brokers provides you the ability to integrate the system with your most important and used platforms like marketplace listing social media and more. CRM in real estate, through integration, ensures seamless communication between an agent and a prospect. The information circulates in multiple departments where the sales team can use that information to follow up and the marketing team can use that information to engage the prospects with relevant emails and other collateral. That’s how CRM bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams. 

Improve follow-ups

Sending drip messages and making cold calls are merely not enough to convince your customers to purchase from you. Agents must follow up with prospects in a timely manner to get them on board. CRM allows agents to set reminders to follow up and store details of their previous conversations. This information makes follow-ups more effective and efficient which in turn increases the chances of leads being converted into deals. 


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