Where is everyone? Smart Lead Assignment


Very often Sales Managers run into lead assignment crisis. The challenge is to assign prospects to the most relevant sales agents. Relevancy of a Sales Agent is different to different managers. It may be the most knowledgeable agent or one with the best negotiation skills. Some times it’s about who can reach the customer sooner than others. It’s also about whether your favourite sales guy is available or not at a particular timeslot.

Imagine the ability to view all Sales agent locations and customers on Google map and working with that. The map indicating each customer with a color according to the stage they are so one knows simply by a quick glance which leads are cold, warm and hot.

Then imagine being able to assign the leads nearest or most relevant and available agent by simply doing some clicks – on the map again. On top of this knowing where in the calendar the appointment conflicts are, right on the map.

Here’s a quick snapshot of this.

Google Maps customers agents

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