What Small Businesses Need to Plan for the Second Wave of COVID-19

What Small Businesses Need to Plan for the Second Wave of COVID-19

Have you prepared yourself for the second wave of coronavirus yet? The next one could be the more destructive and potentially larger wave of the pandemic. The authorities have announced that the second wave of COVID-19 is likely to crash over the economy in near future. For startups and small businesses who somehow managed to survive in the first wave, this situation could spell disaster if they don’t have a functional business continuity plan to practice. 

Here are some of the practices that can help you sustain your business during the upcoming wave of the pandemic. Test and refine these ways and make them part of your business continuity plan.

Shift all of your data and records to the cloud

Social distancing is making office work difficult to keep the health safety of resources. Hence, if your business has not shifted all the data to the cloud yet, then you must do it at first. A cloud-based system gives you reliable and permanent access to your company’s data and records online. Make sure you have a cloud-based backup and recovery system for disaster recovery at any time. Moreover, make digital copies of your critical paperwork. In this way, your team will be able to work from home immediately, with less adjustment time.

Customize your communication procedures

To stay relevant and connected, you must have consistent communication. For this, refine the processes and tools that you have been using for communication. Update your website to make it more maintained, modern, and effective enough to convert online sales. Pay more attention to expand your customer email database. Those email addresses can also be used to keep your customers updated on pandemic changes. As every business goes online when COVID-19 strikes back and then, you need to establish an engaging social media presence as well, so that you can directly communicate with your customers at their preferred platform.

Customize your communication procedures in COVID-19

Strengthen your e-commerce business

E-commerce is going to be the biggest asset of business to survive amid crucial times like pandemic. You need to have a strong and impactful e-commerce business to stand out and to keep the sales coming. If you are offering your services and products offline yet, then you must move online as soon as possible. This will strengthen your online presence as well. Start driving traffic to websites through paid and organic search. Make your e-commerce site as strong as possible, with improved SEO and support to achieve the website goals. 

Define your human resources protocols

It is very necessary to draft a list of protocols for your staff whether they are working on-premises or at home. Provide training to the employees regarding pandemic protocols so that they must know what comes next in an emergency situation. Review and update leave policy while working from home. Provide on-premises decontamination protocol if someone is formally diagnosed with the virus. Arrange online meetings with your staff on a daily basis to discuss social distancing and tell them how badly the virus can affect them and their families. 

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