What is the Future of Internet?

What is the Future of Internet?

The internet and the World Wide Web have gone through many advances and revisions, and no doubt it will continue to do so in coming years as well. New methods of processing, storing, and sharing data are being explored. New infrastructure for internet connectivity is being implemented everywhere, via fiber-optic networks, satellite systems, and cellular services. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the greatest inventions in history and shows the power of collaborative effort applied to a common cause. 

While early internet pioneers dreamed of a free, open, and decentralized internet, the condition of the internet of today seems to be more of a loss of control. Just a handful of companies can determine where we work, what we do, where we live, who we love, what we see and buy. Many of us feel uncomfortable with these developments. In today’s world where citizens have very little agency to change the rules, most of the technologies happen to us, rather than for us. Despite all of these facts, we still believe the internet is still a force for good.


Computer power in data centers is increasing and complicated processing can be done and delivered to the users on the internet in real-time. Bandwidth availability has increased over time and is still rapidly increasing. Mobile bandwidth over cellular is also increasing. 

Some of the potential applications in the next decades. 

  • Console games are played in real-time over the internet with minimal latency, without the need for a powerful console box at home.
  • Join meetings from anywhere as a 3D hologram – Telecommuting.
  • Brain-computer interfaces let our brains go online, share thoughts and memories in vivo, like photos or videos like we do today.
  • Virtual worlds overlaid over base reality, either as AR or as complete VR. An experience like this would also eliminate physical disability as a disadvantage.
  • Artificial Intelligence and nanobots will enhance your brain and preserve mental health with the right chemical composition your brain needs for effective function and to avoid mental health issues.
  • The internet would be interplanetary, with of course the appropriate light delay.

As technology is evolving with every passing year, after very few years we are likely to become the advanced species the human race ever desired to become. The infrastructure of today’s internet is focused on providing immense benefits and resources to bring efficiency to human work. Tomorrow, the need may change and the internet will have to evolve or update. Research centers have still not discovered the extreme possibilities of the future of the Internet, we can all just expect the internet to become much more intricate and dense in the future. With the rate of progress that we are experiencing at this time, anything can be expected from it.

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