What is Robotic Process Automation? How it can Power Up your Sales and Marketing

What is Robotic Process Automation? How it can Power Up your Sales and Marketing

The new acronym you need to know is RPA that means Robotic Process Automation. This latest technology is designed to manage repetitive tasks and let the team focus more on value-adding activities. Robotic Process Automation is a technology used to automate business processes that require human intervention. It performs time-consuming and repetitive tasks using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which are able to reduce human efforts. 

Robotic Process Automation works on a general idea where a digital robot connected with a system uses a graphical interface and performs tasks just like humans, but with no errors and breaks. RPA fully automates repetitive tasks including data entry, copy-paste data from one application to another, comparing data, etc. It enables companies to reduce cost and human error. It is estimated that RPA can generate an ROI of between 30 and 200 percent in just the first 12 months. 

Apart from financial gain, RPA also enables companies to enhance customer satisfaction by providing better data quality, completing a process in short times, etc. Therefore, RPA can help you optimize your customer relationship strategy. An RPA implementation within your sales and marketing CRM can play a vital role in transforming customer experience for both B2B and B2C organizations.

RPA for Sales

The sales department can keep track of the whole customer life cycle with up-to-date information. RPA in sales and marketing can reduce repetitive tasks by 80%. Robotic Process Automation can make customer case management easy within your CRM system and automate customer data such as quotes, order/shipment tracking, notes, etc which frees up from repetitive tasks. Contract management is another example. RPA can track document expiration dates and it can automatically trigger notifications to everyone involved in the sales cycle. RPA helps sales and marketing teams maintain accurate databases to nurture and retain customer relationships. 

RPA for Marketing

When it comes to marketing, it is full of repetitive tasks. Every marketing organization is well-aware of the amount of tedious work between multiple systems that Robotic Process Automation handles very efficiently. It helps you to be more involved in your customer interactions and provides you up-to-date data. Hence, RPA provides you all sources of data so that the accuracy of marketing efforts and content that we use can be improved. RPA working on the concept of Artificial Intelligence gives the most amazing benefit to the marketing team is the application of machine learning on the marketing funnel and customer experience. 

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