What is Ontraport?

What is Ontraport?

Ontraport is a platform that helps organizations in content handling, marketing, sales, information management, and customer management.

It contains tools for capturing leads, file sharing, split testing, marketing, and social media automation.

It is ideal for small organizations if they are looking for a system to automate their business.

It adds value to your operations and helps you navigate through all the business procedures in an automated and easier way.

Benefits of Ontraport

The best thing about this system is that it provides smart automation to your business procedures.

Not only you can use it for customer relationship management but it can also provide additional capabilities like lead management, sales automation, and content handling.

You can build finest web pages from scratch through Ontraport to improve your lead to client conversion rate.

Start tracking campaigns and sending mass emails with just a click.

Let’s have a look at few more features in detail.

Highly Scalable

Different marketing automation tools have faced the criticism regarding the price hike once your organization starts growing.

If we take the example of Hubspot, 1,000 contacts cost you $800 per month

While 10,000 would cost $2,400 per month.

Ontraport offers pretty low fee increase as compared to its competitors for extra users, contacts, and email list.

It has the capability to grow with your organization and still be affordable for you.

Combination of Great Features

The system provides you with a combination of amazing features. Here is a list of features you can avail while using Ontraport:

  • A proper Customer Relationship Management feature.
  • An Affiliate Management Tool.
  • An Online Webinar & Event Creator.
  • Overall Task Automation
  • Data collection through web builder.
  • Customizable dashboard with a drag and drop interface.

Normally when a company offers a combination of so many features you don’t expect all of them to give great results.

Ontraport is an exception in this scenario because all the features are actually quite good.

You get the complete suit whether you are on the pro plan or team plan and there aren’t any “locked” features.

Muti-Channel Marketing

The system gives you the capability to automate sequences across multiple marketing channels.

It is possible to communicate with the lead via text messages, via email, or even by posting a postcard.

It is pretty unique that you can communicate via offline channels too as it can be pretty attractive for the customers.

Stand out from the crowd is always a great selling point.

There is no free trial available but they have a 90-day money back guarantee.

Even if you didn’t like it you have 3 long months to cancel the subscription and get your money back without any cancellation cost.

If you are looking for a powerful CRM for your production store, membership website, an educational organization, or an online training program Ontraport is a strong favorite.


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