What is Drip Marketing?

What is Drip Marketing?

It is a form of marketing strategy in which an organization sends a planned set of pre-written messages to the customers on a regular basis. These messages can be in the form of emails, social media messages or even text messages on the cellular network. The content of the messages is pre-defined according to the marketing strategy and the scheduling is based on the behavior of the client.

The Law of 29 inspired the concept of drip marketing.  It is a marketing concept which means that a prospect won’t become a client until he/she has received 29 marketing messages. Even if you don’t agree with the law still you cannot deny the usefulness of drip marketing. It is quite important to stay in touch with your existing and new prospects to convert them into an opportunity.

Drip marketing could assist you in avoiding the sell-produce loop.  It is a situation in which you keep selling and selling until you have nothing to sell and then you keep producing and producing until you have enough to sell. This is quite an outdated approach that won’t help you to improve your sales in such a competitive market. Any business owner would hate to encounter such a situation. It is pretty effective to stay in touch with the customers by dropping an email or a message every now and then.

Drip marketing requires a proper marketing plan. The content of the frequent messages has to be decided according to different clients and their needs. All the messages need to be related to each other so that the client gets the proper Intel. The timeline of the messages has to be decided carefully because different clients respond differently in the working days as compared to the weekends. Creating a monthly, quarterly or annual plan would make it easier not to miss any marketing opportunity in the near future.

Benefits of Drip Marketing

It is a marketing campaign that is intended for lead generation and it is extremely effective to remain connected with the customers and the prospects. The content of the messages would help in increasing the trust of the prospects and enhance the movement in the sales funnel.  It automates the lead-nurturing process saving both the times and resources of your company. Here is a list of all the benefits related to drip marketing which would make it easier for you to decide whether you should go for it or not.

  1. The lead-nurturing impact of drip marketing decreases the cost of marketing but increases the chances of generating sales. It would be particularly beneficial for the small business having less budget to spare for marketing.
  2. Content is the king and it will aid you in building a trustworthy relationship with the customers. Although it requires time and constant flow of quality content the results are amazing.
  3. Drip marketing would definitely increase your conversion rate because it would keep you in touch with the prospects and customers. The customers would be aware of any kind of development related to your company, for example, a new product launch or a discount offer helping you to grab their attention. It would be difficult to choose any other company over you for the services you provide because of the constant communication happening through drip marketing.


The benefits of drip marketing can only be achieved if you have a proper plan of action. The content of the messages has to be cleverly written and every message needs to deliver something of value to the customers. You have to strategize how to execute your plan and be consistent with the messages.

The content is really important because the customers receive several emails and messages every day. It would require some effort to articulate attractive pieces of content on regular bases.  In such a competitive market, every lead conversion matters and drip marketing can serve as an effective marketing weapon for your organization to attain more attention.