What are the Challenges Faced by CX Teams?

What are the Challenges Faced by CX Teams?

CX or Customer Experience is all about listening to your customers and responding to them, then leading to follow-up questions. Strong communication is a source of customer loyalty and improved customer satisfaction. The customer experience has almost overtaken the key brand differentiators i.e. Price and Product. 

Since CX has become the most important element for business success these days, many companies are still struggling to figure out the best way to implement CX within their organization. At this point, 67% of customers say that their expectations are higher now than ever before. Your customers judge you on their interactions and experiences. Following are the CX challenges faced by today’s business.

Data accessibility

Most of the companies don’t have access to the data they need. Businesses need to better manage their unstructured data. Having access to the right data indicates the performance of the customer experience strategy. Having everything in one place makes it easier to understand what is important and informative for the specific scenario. Integrations can help you store, access, and manage all the data in one place. 

Insufficient tools and technology 

All the challenges faced by the CX team are dependent on technologies specifically designed for this purpose. Customer data platforms are designed to consolidate customer data to create a unified view. This is also about sentiment analysis and omnichannel infrastructure. Tools and technologies for this purpose go beyond generic analytics and extract useful insights by implementing targeted methods. If you don’t have the right tools and technologies, the problems will remain. This challenge arises the need for companies to invest in such tools to empower and enhance CX. 

Poor in-house awareness of CX feedback

Customers aren’t always involved in weak communication, there might be an issue in in-house communication despite the strong customer feedback. CX is an enterprise-wide commitment, but very often the feedback data makes it to the people who need it. Strong CX closes the customer feedback loop so the insights it produces are available to every department and employee that can contribute to it. A notification system can drive this feedback loop, liberally distributing the customer communications. Those communications feed the analytics and corresponding notifications beyond the C-suite as feedback analytics is processed. 

Outdated documentation 

It makes no difference that all the data is in one place and accessible to everyone if it’s not accurate. According to a survey, 70% of all customers want to have all the required information on a company’s website. Customers don’t ever want to wait to get answers on calls and emails. They want to feel empowered. Customer data platforms have built-in knowledge base functionality storing all the required information as well as variables needed in a customer journey e.g. preferences, buying history, online behaviors, demographics, etc. It is very rare that customer preferences change in a customer lifecycle. If this happens, then the CX team must make tweaks to the customer journey to keep the relationship with customers fresh and strong.


CRM system is the one solution for all the problems discussed above. It helps CX teams to build and maintain strong relationships with their customers by providing relevant information at the right time. Tech Implement is a one-stop-shop where we develop, implement and customize CRM systems according to your business needs. Our experienced technical and functional consultants work together to bring solutions within CRM systems by understanding the challenges faced by CX teams. 

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