Using CRM with your GDPR Compliance Plan

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has come into full force on 25th May 2018, and it definitely affects any business having customers’ data inside the European Union Region.

The bill was passed by the European Parliament in 2016, and it is expected to regulate the data privacy laws of Europe in order to save European citizens from any kind of data breach.

Proper restrictions have been placed on the use of personal data.

The reason behind constituting new laws specifically for the data protection makes it clear that there are numerous threats arriving along with the digital age, putting every person’s personal information at risk.

Recently a company named Cambridge Analytica was found stealing the Facebook profile information of 50 million people inside America by exploiting a loophole in the system.

The company contacted 2, 50,000 people and tricked them to fill an online form.

Afterward, they used this information to get to the accounts of friends and even friends of friends connected to these people on Facebook.

The information was used for devising strategies for influencing Americans in order to fuel Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Digital Data Breach – A Reality

Even a tech giant like Facebook couldn’t do anything to stop the data breach and Mark Zuckerberg only spoke after the news spread worldwide as the company faced a lot of backlashes.

Your personal data can be forged to steal your identity, email accounts, credit cards and even your bank accounts.

So the threat is very real.

Doesn’t matter where you reside but if you are utilizing or storing the data of EU residents you are obliged to comply with GDPR after 25th May 2018.

Various data protection and data handling procedures need to be followed in order to achieve compliance.

The organizations are also responsible for the 3rd party compliance of GDPR if they are allowing them to store, analyze or use EU residents’ data.

Here is a list of ideas that would help you to grow if you could put your CRM to proper use while complying with GDPR.

Think Innovatively

Most companies are viewing GDPR compliance as a simple change of procedures, but it is much more than that.

The new regulations could bring multiple opportunities if dealt with an innovative approach.

Understanding the relationship between GDPR and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) could make life easier for your organization.

GDPR could serve as an opportunity to rethink the way you deal with the customers’ data and customer relationship.

CRM having at the center of your organization could play a vital role here because you can actually strengthen the relationship with the customers.

The customers have to be aware of the use of their information and the lawmakers have finally realized it.

Your organization’s success is hidden in winning the trust of your clients that their personal information is secured and there’s no illegitimate use involved.

Modern CRM

Modern CRM systems provide a lot of services apart from data gathering which includes lead qualification, tracking opportunities, case resolution, and automatic report generation process.

These kinds of CRM systems already fulfill most of the GDPR compliance requirements.

So a modern CRM system can also be used to bring other IT infrastructures under the GDPR umbrella.

Grab the Opportunity

With GDPR compliance being implemented it could be really beneficial for your organization to have a 360° view of your customers.

The modern CRM solutions have made it easier than ever.

These systems can aid you in the struggle of GDPR compliance and serve well in the longer run.

You can build better customer relationship by bringing in CRM into your GDPR compliance plan.