Use Google Trends for your Business

Use Google Trends for your Business

With so many unpredictable changes around the world, businesses must be prepared for rapid shifts in customer interest. Businesses should be fully aware of the topics their audience is searching for at a certain period of time. Google trends is a powerful and free tool provided by Google that organizations have been using for potential market research. It helps you find the trending topics depending upon the number of searches and identify how those searches change over time, by geographic location, and by season. It gives you relevant insights by presenting the charts.

Using Google search engine data from 2004 to the present, Google Trends is used for market insights and analysis. You simply type the keyword or a topic then Google tells you how the trending topic or keyword based on the search volume data. 

Let’s see how Google Trends benefits your business

Understand your audience

Google has become more of an institute when it comes to search engines. It allows their search data to exceptionally indicate public opinions and interests. You can use this to understand your audience and their opinions related to your industry. Once you understand the audience, you are able to then plan your services and content more accurately. 

E-commerce product keyword research 

Google Trends offers many beneficial features and one is that it offers the power to search for isolated shopping trends. Using these searches, you are able to see the data related to users’ purchasing intents for different kinds of searches on products. 

Identify seasonal trends

Google trends help you identify seasonal trends before the season begins. It gives you enough time to plan your campaigns and content accordingly. Seasonal trends tend to repeat themselves. 

Create a meaningful content calendar

Creating a calendar for content publishing is very essential for businesses. You must schedule your content to release at the right time in order to get maximum effect and engagement from your audience. Google Trends tells you what type of posts have the greatest effect around them. 

Improve your branding efforts

Google Trends allows businesses to understand how they are being perceived as compared to their competitors. This helps you make better decisions about which areas you need to focus on more to improve your brand’s influence. For this purpose, you just need to enter the country, type of industry, period of searches, and choose web searches to find out which brands are most searched in that specific industry. 

Spot trending topics

Google Trends helps you find the relevant topics for blogs or articles that can help you get more traffic. Going to the dashboard within Google Trends, you can easily find the topics that are currently trending. Moreover, you can use filters to identify the right category that is relevant to your audience.


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