Use Another File Storage for SugarCRM – Amazon S3

Use Another File Storage for SugarCRM - Amazon S3

SugarCRM cost ranges from $52 per user per month to $1,000 per month, and the most popular plan comes in at $80per user per month. Since, the Sugar Cloud service includes data-storage allowance based on your subscription level, a very popular integration between Sugar and Amazon S3 allows you to store an infinite amount of data and files as well as, it is less costly as compared to Sugar Cloud. 

Amazon S3 provides a simple web service interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere, at any time. With this service, you can easily build any application that makes use of cloud-native storage. Amazon S3 is highly scalable and allows you to pay for only what you use. Moreover, you can start small and grow your application as you wish, with effective performance and no compromise on reliability. It is also designed to be highly flexible and store any type of data. It frees developers to focus on innovation instead of figuring out how to store their data. 

Integration between SugarCRM and Amazon S3 allows you to automate business processes and leads to better customer success.  It allows you to reduce expenses of digital project development by 60-300% through process automation. Here are some of the benefits of using Amazon S3. 

  • It enhances security as it transfers data on SSL. 
  • It offers a robust infrastructure for the storage of crucial information. 
  • It is easy to integrate with other services available on AWS.
  • It helps to secure millions of objects and allows implementation in a few minutes. 
  • It uses standards-based SOAP and REST interfaces designed to work with any internet development toolkit. 

Tech Implement can help you transfer data between SugarCRM and Amazon S3. 

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