Unlock the potential of Jira Software

Unlock the potential of Jira Software

Jira Software is a powerful tool for project management to track issues, bugs, and other project management purposes. It unlocks the power of Agile Project Management, whether you are an agile expert or just getting started. Moreover, it also offers several plugins to extend its capabilities. 

According to Atlassian, the corporation that created Jira Software, the platform is used by over 65,000+ companies around the world to manage projects and track bugs. Many big organizations like NASA, Twitter, Domino’s, SAMSUNG, Toyota, eBay, and many others have used Jira Software. Project managers, developers, and Scrum masters use Jira for tracking issues, bugs, task assignments, creating and estimating stories, reporting on team performance, building a sprint backlog, managing projects, writing test cases, and for Agile software development. 

Here are the benefits of using Jira software in your organization 

1. Better Visibility

Lack of visibility and scheduling according to the start and end time of the task, are the two things that can make the development process slow. Jira allows better communication between developers and the testing team so that everyone can know when the task is started and when it will be completed. 

2. Time Tracking 

With Jira, you can easily track the time against each task and identify how much time has been spent on a particular task. While creating a task, the creator assigns an estimated time for API development, UI development, and testing of the tasks. Team members can later add the time spent after the task is completed.

3. Task Prioritization 

While developing, it is very important to properly prioritize every task. It helps to determine which task is important and has higher priority than others. Tasks can be prioritized at the time of task creation. With prioritized tasks in Jira, developers can utilize each and every minute in the development with full focus. 

4. Better Productivity 

When we create tasks in Jira, a list automatically generates which helps the developers to see what is the next task. Without Jira, the manual listing can create a lot of pressure on the development and testing team. Thus, Jira helps organizations in increasing productivity with streamlined tasks. 

5. Reporting 

Hira software is very useful to download the reports and analyze the tasks and time spent for future purposes. The report includes a list of tasks, assignee, reporter, and all the remaining information regarding every task. 

6. Free of Cost

Jira is a free project management tool. Other than that, all the premium features are also free to use. 


Jira Software is used for team planning and building great products. It connects team members, activities, and tools to enable them to coordinate and work efficiently. Other than that, it is available at your desk as well as on the go with their new mobile interface. The basic concept is that tasks are often hiding in the documents and ignored in the inbox. Using Jira software makes it organized by assigning who is doing what with deadlines, and tracking when it’s completed.

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