Top Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

Top Features of Salesforce Service Cloud

Nothing is more meaningful than the results that companies achieve by implementing new software. Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software designed for service, sales, and marketing. In 2015, Salesforce introduced new features and enhancements to their Service Cloud to improvise the post-sale engagements between companies and their clients. 

What is Salesforce Service Cloud: 

Salesforce Service Cloud is a complete service management platform, enabling organizations to work with channel partners and customers to provide exceptional service efficiently. Here are the key benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud,

For Customers: 

  • 35% increase in customer satisfaction 

For Companies: 

  • 22% decrease in support cost 
  • 28% increase in agent productivity 
  • 26% increase in customer retention
  • 31% faster case resolution

Top features of Salesforce Service Cloud: 

Maximize agent productivity 

The lightning console merges the agent experiences, providing all the information from case histories, and customer profiles, to the dashboard. 

1:1 instant chat from any device, wherever, whenever

It allows customers to reach agents via a website in real-time, providing multilingual support, and 1:1 chat instantly from any device. Chats can be transferred to subject matter experts quickly. It allows field-service agents to solve the case instantly and hence, the managers and executives can monitor the real-time metrics using the Salesforce Service Cloud mobile app. 


The community provides a platform for customers to find the answers required in no time, from anywhere at any time. This provides a tool for customers and agents to experience greater engagement and faster problem-solving. 

Knowledge base – Get the right answer on time

With a knowledge base embedded into the agent console, they can easily extract the right answers and deliver them to the customers. It allows the agents to add answers to the knowledge base by themselves and also to share the existing knowledge with any other channel or device. 

Workflow and approvals

With Salesforce Service Cloud, agents can customize and automate any customer service or approval process with drag-and-drop simplicity using workflow. 

Custom reports and dashboards

It helps you make informed decisions with real-time reports and also allows you to track cases and customer information for a 360-degree view of the customer. 


Omni-channel enables automatic routing of work items like leads, cases, or other works to the most appropriate and available agent. This allows admin to distribute work among agents depending upon their skill set, availability, and their capacity to take the workload. This ensures the high priority work gets immediate action. 

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