Top 6 Technology Trends in 2021

Top 6 Technology Trends in 2021

The past few months have been full of technological advances, enabling quick change and progress. We have witnessed a massive adoption of digital transformation across the globe. Businesses have redefined their operations by incorporating technology that accelerates innovations and business growth. The COVID-19 pandemic induced rapid digitalization and automation that enabled IT companies to be more resilient even in the time of crisis. In these times, IT professionals continue learning, unlearning, and relearning out of necessity if not desire. 

Advanced technologies will continue to transform businesses creating big opportunities for industries worldwide. Here are the top 6 technology trends in 2021. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, AI has been in the talk for the past decade now. But, it continues to be one of the exceptional technology trends that has a great impact on how we live and work. With AI, it has become easier to understand customer behaviors, trends, and future needs. It is evolving further to attain various capabilities. In the coming years, the growth in AI will enhance job opportunities in various industries while opening new avenues for technology innovations. 

AI is known and can be witnessed in apps like image and speech recognition, smartphone personal assistants, navigation apps, and many more.

Blockchain Technology 

Blockchain technology provides a platform for decentralized storage and transaction of digital currencies, by eliminating centralized control and third-party interference. It is leveraged by fintech, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and other several industries. Moreover, this technology ensures transparency in digital transactions without compromising security. Distributed Finance is an upcoming major development in the banking sector driven by blockchain technology. Another important role of Blockchain technology is creating traceable and transparent supply chains. 

Edge Computing

Edge computing is a distributed computing system that brings applications closer to data. It can deliver several business benefits including improved response time, faster insights, and better bandwidth availability. It can also be used to process time-sensitive data in remote locations with less or no connectivity to a centralized location. Moreover, edge computing can act like mini datacenters. 

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality 

Virtual Reality engages the user in an environment, and Augmented Reality enhances their environment. These technology trends have been used for gaming before, and now they have also been used for training purposes by incorporating Virtual ships to train armed forces and others. By the end of 2021, these technologies will be integrated into our lives. Additionally, these technologies have tremendous potential in several departments including education, training, marketing, entertainment, and rehabilitation after an injury. It could be used to train doctors to do surgery, providing deeper experiences, and enhance marketing. 

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, IoT has already enabled devices, cars, home appliances, and many other devices that are connected to and exchange data over the internet. IoT is adjustable to almost every technology that provides relevant information about the environmental conditions, operations, and performance of an activity. Many companies from every industry are implementing IoT to automate, simplify, control, and improve different processes. Furthermore, businesses have a lot more to explore now and in the near future. 

Robotic Process Automation

Like Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation is another technology that automates jobs. RPA refers to the use of software to automate business processes like processing transactions, interpreting applications, replying to emails, and dealing with data. It automates repetitive tasks for people. Basically, Robotic Process Automation works on an idea where a digital robot connected with a system performs tasks just like humans while using a graphical interface, without any error and break. 


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