Top 3 Marketing Automation Tools Integrated with SugarCRM

Top 3 Marketing Automation Tools Integrated with SugarCRM

Over the years, Marketing has become a major key to approach numbers of people around the globe and to sustain. Corporates are focusing more on strategic marketing to spread their voice and let people in touch with their products and services.

Integrating SugarCRM with Marketing automation tools prompt many marketing possibilities. The contact information will be amended as you specify. The sales team can get contact’s activity to identify personalized marketing opportunities. Hence the information will be updated simultaneously between platforms, empowering you to stay one step ahead of the competition. Here are the


Act-On’s seamless integration with your SugarCRM account provides a complete system for lead generation, management, and revenue contribution. It delivers highly qualified and ready-to-sales leads to sales teams. Act-On integration provides an automatic, bi-directional synchronization between Sugar and Act-On. Using Act-On, you can easily attract, nurture, and convert leads into SugarCRM. The sales team uses SugarCRM to get real-time information. 

Lead Generation Forms

Lead generation becomes easier with forms in Act-On. 

Lead Scoring 

Act-On Lead scoring helps to identify and prioritize leads based on several touchpoints including website, email, form submission, event attendance. With all the demographic and firmographic data, the sales team will know who are the prospects and what they want during the sales call. 

Contact Activity History

Act-On seamless integration with Sugar gives the sales team complete contact activity histories including online and offline activity. This helps the sales team to understand the prospect more in detail which could help in sales calls. 

The contact activity records in SugarCRM includes:

  • Web page and landing page visits
  • Content downloads 
  • Form Submits 
  • Emails sent, opened, and clicked.
  • Event attendance



With the integration of powerhouse platforms like SugarCRM and MailChimp, you can run timely and hyper-relevant campaigns to grow sales and drive more revenue. It provides high-quality campaigns, analytics, reporting, and marketing automation without any issue. 

SugarChimp deals with the hurdles so that you can get the best out of MailChimp and SugarCRM. 

Synchronize things 

Mailchimp synchronizes all the things involved in smart marketing automation including lists, subscribers, groups, lead scoring, custom fields, and campaign activity. 

MailChimp Activity Dashlet

The sales team can get the information instantly by looking at the dashlet in Sugar before getting on a call. 

Campaign Tracking

Campaigns Tracking allows anyone in SugarCRM to view the stats related to campaigns and messages through which the prospects and customers engage the most. 



Sugar Connector for Marketo provides seamless bi-directional data integration between Marketo and SugarCRM. It syncs and processes marketing and sales data to promote a complete unified experience for the customer. It empowers the sales team to intelligently identify the high-quality lead and reach out to them at the right time. Similarly, information related to the sales opportunities is passed back to the marketing platform via the connector to enable measurement of marketing ROI.

Real-Time Integration

New leads created in Marketo are automatically transferred to create SugarCRM Leads and Contacts in real-time. Moreover, Marketo-Lead bi-directionally synchronizes with the Sugar records. The integration also propagates selective changes to opportunity records inside SugarCRM back to Marketo for closed-loop marketing ROI.

Batch Integration

The connector provides batch upload of existing Sugar Leads and Contacts into Marketo for upsell/co-sell scenarios with a scheduler for handling large data-sets.

Agile Integration

The connector has complete control over synchronization attributes and mapping with capabilities to unsubscribe from campaigns within Marketo, mapping to SugarCRM to prevent further sales targeting.

Full Visibility

The connector portrays an end-to-end picture of a cash pipeline with rich activity log reporting for tracking and history.