The Impact of Technology on Career Counselling Services

The Impact of Technology on Career Counselling Services

While surviving through pandemic in the 21st century, we have seen and undergone several severe changes as individuals and as a community. As we stumble into the post-covid world and try to find ways to stabilize, the one thing that has made it quite easier is definitely technology. Many employees have been fired in the pandemic and are in search of new jobs while sitting at home, schools are running online, technology has significantly played its role in maintaining and stabilizing every aspect. It has revolutionized our personal, academic, and professional lives. It has been an ongoing process for a while now, and the same holds for the role of technology in career counseling services. 

With the increasing number of career options available these days and more accessible to us than ever, picking the right options becomes even more challenging. Finding the right match seems too ideal, but with the number of resources available now, it has become achievable if done accurately. New technologies are being introduced to test the skills and abilities for a job more accurately. With innovative digital mediums, it has become easier to help connect students to the right career counseling and online coaching sessions. The use of technology in career counseling is important, but if not used properly, it could confuse students further. 

Career goals are not as obtusely defined anymore – they are more in sync with personal development and growth. People are aware of their interests and their expectations, and their impact on their careers. The technology being used in career coaching may remain the same, but it is up to the coach how they personalize the experience for every student’s needs. While staying at home, everyone turns to their screen and the internet for solace. The internet has introduced opportunities to people that are not even in people’s knowledge. The plethora of information had a lot to offer beyond imagination. 


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