The Impact of Integrating AI with CRM

The Impact of Integrating AI with CRM

Artificial Intelligence is progressing rapidly for good reason. Although the concept is new to many people, it’s still all around us and has a great impact on our daily routine. While contacting uber or watching Netflix, Algorithms influence your decisions about which path is suitable for you or what to watch next respectively. Businesses have been using AI to boost their decision-making process using online customer support, chatbots, or intelligent personal assistants. 

The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is also helping businesses by providing better customer support. CRMs are accelerating companies to stay connected to customers, improve profitability, and streamline processes. According to trends, CRMs have evolved and integrated AI to improve customer experience. 

Have you ever wondered why Lays and Sprite collaborated to bring the best combo? They came up with the idea after getting customer interest analytics from online shopping mediums and especially social media to know what people are most looking for. 

Benefits of AI-driven CRM: 

Integrating the two predominant technologies of today’s business helps to deliver more predictive and personalized customer experiences in all areas. Here are some of the benefits that can convince you to go with AI integration with your CRM.

1- Scoring Leads

AI-driven CRM can help to score the maximum and solid leads for sales by learning from past experiences and historical patterns. It also helps to predict future customer behavior by analyzing customer emotions. In this way, you may establish strategies to easily connect with more customers by providing them what exactly they want. It gives you insights to make better decisions and be more productive. 

2- Sales Forecasting

AI-based CRM helps to close more deals by learning from past mistakes. The system learns from past experiences and studies where the sales are more successful and where the deals are more rejected. 

3- Increased Customer Engagement

Image recognition and sentiment analysis are the best examples of AI-enabled CRM which help to get emotional insight from the customer. This increases customer engagement by understanding customer satisfaction in real-time so that no qualified lead should be wasted. 

4- Virtual Assistance

Intelligent virtual assistants speed up the sales cycle by interacting with customers on time or scheduling meetings. No qualified should be at risk. AI-based CRM can automate customer reports, data capture and improve lead generation by having more accurate marketing campaigns. 

5- Customer Segmentation

Segmenting customers has become easier. It assures your message to be delivered to a specific group of potential customers.

Artificial intelligence is able to detect irregularities, anomalies, duplicates, and other errors that compromise CRM data and, in turn, customer relationships.

Here are some of the examples of AI and CRM.

  • Salesforce Einstein
  • Hint (SugarCRM)
  • Zia (Zoho)

AI wouldn’t replace human resources but it will make workers more productive by giving them all insights and eliminating manual data entry. Businesses are already taking advantage of evolving their CRM. You just need to choose the right tool that suits your business needs. 

Tech Implement can help you make this decision and accelerate your business. Contact us if you are ready to integrate AI with your CRM and ERP software. 


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