The Checklist For Running Successful Email Campaigns In SugarCRM


The chronic issue of not being able to send emails from SugarCRM has annoyed many of the users and it simply leave people scratching their head. You are all set up to launch a fantabulous promotional emails campaign, the target list is ready, content prepared, template designed but when you hit the send button it simply refuses to send the message. Could it be worse? We know the feeling.

However it may not be SugarCRM’s fault, the problem could be at your end too. So here is a checklist you need to know for running successful email campaigns in SugarCRM:

1. You must set up the email that is meant for campaign in the campaigns module. Campaigns> Set up Email. If you’re not in the admin panel then it will probably take some time testing the configuration.

2. Check the Cron job settings. Is it set up in correct way on the server and running on time?

3. All the components in the campaign must be valid. The “status” and “Type” should be “active” and “Email” respectively. (Status-Active, Type-Email). All the Email marketing settings should be accurate in the campaign i.e. the time of the email and target list.

4. Make sure that you select the right “Type” for your target list. It must not be “Test”.

5. Now you’re all set to launch the campaign. Go to campaign and send emails.

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Happy CRM’ing