The 7 Most Iconic Improvements in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016


The release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 has proved to be a benchmark in the development and progress of business industry. The new forum encapsulates several versatile features, overflowing with innovation and ease, which have rendered a great amount of luxury to the business community.

The version which has been regarded as “the most comprehensive upgrade ever for Dynamics CRM” encompasses improvements in intelligence, service and mobility along with meaningful productivity enhancements. Here are some of the most striking features of the new version.

1. Contextual Documents

The Dynamics CRM 2016 platform allows users to open various apps like OneDrive for Business, SharePoint and Office 365 for Groups, all within the CRM or the CRM mobile app.

2. Next Generation of CRM app for Outlook

The new version will improve email tracking and would ease out the process of adding contacts from within an email, with better mobile functionality.

3. Mobile Offline Support

Here comes one of the most delightful improvements. The older version of Dynamics CRM did not allow users to modify records while offline, however, the problem no longer persists. Microsoft has allowed the offline support in its own CB mobile CRM app, which has enabled the users to freely use Dynamics CRM on mobile even in the absence of an internet connection.

4. Improved Excel Experience

This incredible feature is particularly designed to help executives and sales team manage a sales forecast and calculate commissions in the CRM, without switching to Excel.

5. Personalized Sales Documents

Using the CRM 2016 version, the users can build the CRM-data based documents inside Dynamics. This precludes the need to extract CRM data for documents such as quotes, account summaries, orders or invoices in Word panel.

6. Cortana Integration

This is quite an interesting new feature. Microsoft wants sales activities, accounts and opportunities to be integrated in Cortana so that the sales people can see the most relevant things at a particular time.

7. Guided User Experience

The Dynamics CRM Online 2016 brings along an n-product and context based learning layer, which aims to expedite the learning process that comes with a new release. This would allow the clients to get back to their routine work much faster following the update.