Telephony Integrated CRM for your Business


Over the years CRM software has emerged as a complete set of tools required to successfully run a business as it encompasses everything from business processes streamlining to sales, marketing and customer services. It has also become a smart way to manage the enterprise resources deriving the best out of each of them through best possible productive use.

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Sales people understand that switching between different systems like telephony and CRM can be quite a chore especially when you have to keep the records updated manually and that engulfs so much of your time which could be spent in actually managing more productive tasks related to sales and marketing or customer care. This is where CRM with integrated telephony helps you out. It saves you the time and effort required in switching to multiple systems and keeps the telephone records updated in the CRM with a bunch of other amazing features like scheduling, recording, seamless operations and budget control. The existing and new telephone numbers are processed in the CRM so you can get the clients’ information before attending or making the call. You can also parse the new numbers and send them to contacts, leads, accounts or opportunities with a few clicks.

With all these features the seamless telephony quite literally gets your telecommunication “in control” as you get to communicate with your contacts, leads and opportunities and even after years your record of communication will be there unless you choose to delete it. Another feature that makes integrated telephony in CRM so incredibly irresistible is that you have to buy your credit from your CRM provider and they will spare you the stress of choosing the best telecommunication service provider so you will only experience seamless communication in a unified and intuitive interface minus worrying about the credit or bad service.

A few open source CRM software like SugarCRM provide you multiple options for integrated telephony that offer a variety of options from custom pop-up windows to post call analysis exposing to a new dimension of telecommunication. These solutions also are friendly to your budget as they are available on relatively cheaper rates and using open-source voice communication software also saves you the money on purchasing and installing the expensive hardware. The summary of the solution goes as under:

a. Schedule and make calls across different time zones and deliver the right message on the right time.

b. Never switch between the CRM and telephone again.

c. Sync your CRM data with telecommunication so you will never have to wonder about the unidentified numbers in the system as the caller ID will be displayed with each call from your CRM contacts.

d. Send and save the new incoming numbers to the module of your choice (Leads, contacts, accounts or opportunities)

e. Link each call record with the corresponding account in CRM.

f. Download calls from CRM as separate files in a format recommended or provided by your CRM provider.(Most open source CRM systems offer this facility)

g. Employ landlines as well as soft phone for communication. The choice is completely yours.

With a solution like this at hand, you never have to worry about the budget or streamlining of the ever growing telecommunication that is characteristic of a blooming business. Boost up your CRM’ing experience and embrace the advantages this amazing technology has in store for you.