SugarCRM Upgrade From Version 6 To 7


SugarCRM version 7 has caught the attention of enterprise of late. Although it was released in the end of 2013 but the major enhancements went largely unnoticed in the initial phase or maybe we can say that it didn’t receive the attention it deserved as the CRM industry gurus chose not to pick it up for their opinion and reviews. However many improvements have been introduced in the version 7 (I.e. 7.1 and 7.2), making it an ideal platform for the users that are still sticking to SugarCRM 6. So here is a brief introduction of version 7 that may give you a reason or two for upgrading your 6 system.

What has changed in SugarCRM version 7:

  1. New user interface
  2. New modules (example: Revenue line items)
  3. Dashboard feature in all views
  4. More powerful search functionality
  5. Activity stream (workflow management)
  6. InLine edit from List View and Record View
  7. Help dashlet in Dashboard
  8. Sales Forecasting
  9. New REST API with complete functionality
  10. WildCard functionality with filters
  11. Sidecar with multiple components
  12. Preview from List View and Record View
  13. Mobile Versatility
  14. Incredible performance

The StyleGuide:

At first it seems that little help is available about this version over the internet but once you have installed it, you discover that there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. A lot of documentation is available in the “Developer tools” where you can find the “StyleGuide” that gives you a walkthrough of styling in your newly upgraded CRM.

The SugarQuery:

In Sugar 7, you can use new SugarQuery API instead of direct SQL. SugarQuery is an SQL query builder for retrieving data directly from the database and is used within SugarCRM. It has a very simple interface for building queries and for developers as well as tech-savvy users it can prove to be an ultimate bliss.

With the above-mentioned features, SugarCRM 7 definitely deserves more than what it has received so far. If you are a SugarCRM 6 user and still wondering what else version 7 may have in store for you, it’s time to upgrade and find out.