SugarCRM Integration With QuickBooks


Managing your accounting system with the CRM can be quite fussy if your QuickBooks application is not integrated with it. This makes QuickBooks one of the strongest candidates for integration with SugarCRM as the ratios of integrations of different application by the top SugarCRM partners have confirmed that this particular integration is most demanded by the business owners.

Using both of these tools (SugarCRM and QuickBooks) together, you can manage the accounts along with the other processes of your organization with more ease and integrity. As QuickBooks continues to be the leader of the accounting applications in the market, SugarCRM being the top opensource CRM vendor allows it to ingrate with all of their versions and editions so business people can draw benefit from both without having to switch from one system to the other. This is how these two products complement each other and give you the unprecedented clarity of your business.

The advantage that SugarCRM has over the other opensource CRM systems regarding QuickBooks integration is that you get a fully comprehensive and feature-rich solution. We know nothing annoys business people more than double entries (which obviously means double work)

If you integrate SugarCRM with QuickBooks, you get the following features:

  1. Synchronization of customers, inventory, invoice history and sales orders
  2. Two way synchronization between QuickBooks and SugarCRM
  3. Compliance with QuickBooks Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  4. Works both in-house and cloud-based SugarCRM
  5. Synchronization of customer updates and invoices on QuickBooks and SugarCRM
  6. Sync of newly added accounts on SugarCRM with QuickBooks
  7. Custom mapping of fields
  8. Syncing can occur a scheduler and defaults every ten minutes
  9. Allows you to see inventory items, standard prices and costs on hand in SugarCRM
  10. Synchronization of quotes and orders

With all these features, the integration makes it incredibly easy for you to use both systems on a unified and intuitive interface. Also, if you get SugarCRM integration with QuickBooks by a dedicated team, you can get updates from both systems installed and applied with no fuss.