SugarCRM Integration With Asterisk


Integrating an opensource telephony system with CRM is a much demanded solution by the businesses as the ever growing needs of communication are required to be catered to with greater efficiency than ever before. SugarCRM integration with Asterisk allows you to make and receive calls with greater clarity with the records of each call and many other options available in a centralized system. This solution takes your communication system to a whole new level and drive your business processes to the advanced standards. You can view the record of each incoming and outgoing call for screening or further analysis. SugarCRM and Asterisk integration provides many valuable options like click-to-call, call history, call log and popups. Therefore, it can be a perfect solution for the call center CRM with telephony integration.

The overview of solution:

• It connects SugarCRM to one of the best open source telephony systems.

• Enhances and improves your telecommunication experience by giving you more options for each incoming and outgoing call.

• Records all your calls in SugarCRM with completely automated call history.

The key benefits:

• Exposes you to a new dimension of telephone communication within your SugarCRM and drives your business to advanced levels by keeping record of all calls and making it available for post-call analysis.

• Cheaper communication by using open source voice communication software instead of purchasing and deploying costly hardware.

• Time saving by processing new and existing phone numbers in SugarCRM. Get the caller’s/client’s information before even attending the call. The new numbers can be parsed and sent to leads, clients or contacts in a few clicks.

Features of the Integration:

• Answer, decline, schedule and automate all incoming and outgoing calls from within SugarCRM.

• Call any number from SugarCRM without having to switch between windows.

• Synchronize telephone communication and caller IDs with SugarCRM data and get a pop window for each call by a lead, contact or account.

• Parse and process new incoming phone numbers to different categories.

• Get call record each call in SugarCRM and attach it to the corresponding account.

• Download each call record as a separate file from SugarCRM.

• Integrate with IP-PBX Asterisk.

• Work seamlessly with landline as well as soft phones.

• The integration is perfectly compatible with all SugarCRM modules.

• Supports all editions and versions of SugarCRM.

• Displays company and user dashboards.

• Makes the reports available for all incoming and outgoing calls.

For more info about SugarCRM integration with Asterisk, please email info@localhost.