SugarCRM Hint – Time-Saving Customer Relationship Intelligence

SugarCRM Hint – Time-Saving Customer Relationship Intelligence

SugarCRM Hint, the customer relationship intelligence platform from SugarCRM increases the productivity of sales, marketing, and customer service departments by over 30% with actionable data and insights. 

SugarCRM Hint has come out as a game-changer for every business that goes online and gathers publicly available data. Until now, the CRM system users had to devote a lot of time to get information about the customers using internet resources. SugarCRM Hint collects all the data by immediately searching over several sources of social data on the world wide web. It then complements the customer profile in CRM with searched and matched data. 

SugarCRM Hint allows you to instantly search through the internet and collects all the personal and professional data about your customers that can be useful for the sales process. With just a click you can easily save that information within the CRM database. It is a great time-saver during the whole process from research to result. You may use that information without checking a couple of sources anymore. Everything is there in SugarCRM!

Make Smarter Decisions

SugarCRM Hint acts as your very own assistant, the one that keeps you updated with all the required and necessary information and insights about the customers. Such insights help you to decide who to contact, when, and how. 

Convert Customers Faster 

As mentioned above, it eliminates time-consuming research and manual data entry. It provides you with the information you need to drive meaningful conversation and accelerate conversions. 

Be More Productive

SugarCRM Hint increases productivity with more time to cover more accounts. It frees you to focus on the human side of customer relationships. 

Get Notified In Real-Time 

It helps you to stay updated on breaking developments and important activity from your key accounts and get notified with each engagement from real-time emails, and browser-based push notifications. 

According to industry analysts, SugarCRM Hint serves an average of 17 minutes per lead and delivers payback in less than a month based on just two calls. Download the brief.