SugarCRM for Remote Workforce

SugarCRM for Remote Workforce

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Organizations worldwide have faced issues when it comes to delivering the kind of services our customers expect. Since the workforce has dispersed and is remote these days, we must find effective ways that can help resources working from home in maintaining their usual levels of service and productivity. 

A remote workforce with effective CRM and training is crucial to how organizations maintain productivity during such difficult times. With SugarCRM, organizations are more likely to maintain productivity, manage the workforce remotely, and continue providing an exceptional customer experience. Let’s see how SugarCRM helps companies to resolve issues and maintain productivity while working remotely. 

Access to Information

Organizations face a lack of access to information when they continue the remote workforce. SugarCRM User Account helps to provide each and every member of staff with the information they look for. It allows users to access the information they require as soon as they need and avoids sloppy hand-off. It helps to maintain productivity levels and high levels of staff morale, avoiding bad customer experience. Furthermore, maintain accurate reporting and ensure the system is kept up to date.

Managing User Roles and Permissions

Now that everyone working remotely is set up with a SugarCRM Account, have access to the information that they require. The next step is to manage user roles and permissions. This allows you to manage ‘Who can do What’. One major benefit is the ability to safeguard sensitive information from those who may not need to access it. You can allow users to access only information that they require. Managing Users and Permissions can avoid mistakes in the CRM, also create teams based on roles and permissions where users can also be assigned to Teams. 

Synchronize Sales and Marketing

In any organization where the workforce is dispersed, it is important that the teams and data remain up to date and synchronized. Sales and marketing are the two departments that require information from each other. Synchronizing SugarCRM with Sugar Market ensures that any change, update, customer interaction, leads information and more, will be updated in real-time helping both the departments. SugarCRM comes with an in-depth CRM Sync dashboard where you can easily find complete and current prospect/lead data. It aligns marketing and sales so effortlessly and tracks potential customer errors or issues. It also allows sharing of lead information between the teams.

Sugar Mobile

Organizations leveraging SugarCRM must use Sugar Mobile App to help their field staff. In the era of mobile, the Sugar Mobile App offers a number of benefits to staff who require information when out of the office, with or without an internet connection. The app is optimized for Android, IOS, and tablets, and allows users to access customer interactions, history, contact details, quotes, and any other document at any time anywhere. It allows users to update information even if they are on the road. It comes with easy to use intuitive user interface and emperors field staff to provide successful customer hand-off. 

Tech Implement offers an extensive range of SugarCRM services including development, implementation, customization, integration, migration of data, maintenance, update, and support. Tech Implement is bringing dynamic solutions to the clients to enhance the visibility of the customer relationship. Decisions are getting more effective and quick for businesses as they gain customer insights like never before. 

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