SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-in

SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-in

One of the major attractions about SugarCRM regarding the customer lifecycle is the release of version 5.3.0 of Customer Journey Plug-In. 

What is a Customer Journey? 


A customer journey is a complete experience that any customer has with an organization or company. It includes all customer interactions and experiences across all devices, touchpoints, and channels throughout every stage of the customer lifecycle. 


What is SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-In? 


An enterprise solution helps the clients to unite CRM with customers’ decision journeys. It visualizes the whole customer lifecycle with internal efficiency to streamline processes, boost sales performance and strengthen customer engagement across all departments. All the aspects of the business including lead management, account planning, customer care, and opportunity tracking can take advantage of the ability to visualize the series of tasks. There are numbers of pre-built templates that can all be just copied, modified and extended to meet the needs of your organization. 



SugarCRM Customer Journey Plug-in has the GDPR compliance tracking template to support the implementation of a solid GDPR compliance program.  It delivers personalized and seamless customer experience to align the internal activities with customers’ decision stages.  Charts can be created for customer journeys to incorporate the best ways to engage with different customers. Then that maps can be operated in Sugar to make sure everyone clearly understands what needs to happen at each step. By increasing awareness of the customer journey through every touchpoint, you can help prospects and customers with the next decision stage creating a streamlined process to unite customer activities to increase business efficiency. 


What’s New in Customer Journey Plug-in 5.3.0?


SugarCRM has just announced version 5.3.0 of the customer journey plugin in which Sugar has added support to Q2 2020 releases. In the latest release, all the issues that were identified in prior releases of Customer Journey Plug-In are now resolved. 

Customer Journey Plug-in 5.3.0 can be downloaded through SugarExchange.

To get more information about the latest version, click the link.