The Coolest Features of SugarCRM Community Edition Customization


The most cherished value that SugarCRM brings to its customer is the opensource nature of the product. You can customize almost all versions of SugarCRM but the level of product flexibility is a variable among all editions. Practically, SugarCRM has everything that can tempt organizations into choosing it. It’s customizable, bug-free, easily maintainable and user-friendly (just to name a few features). In short it comprises everything you need in a CRM for outstanding performance.

We have seen the evolution of the product in various versions but the one that has remained most consistent in terms of functionality is the community edition. In fact there is hardly another free version that makes complete business sense for the users with excellent coherence and usability of the product. Due to these unparalleled features the SugarCRM developers, customization experts and partners have seized the opportunity to come up with numerous customization solutions that make the Sugar experience even more exciting for the users.

SugarCRM community has been very active and the identification of the customers’ requirements has enabled developers and Sugar freelancers to produce quick solutions for SugarCRM community edition customization that not just make it next to the professional editions but even better than those.

We, as 10 year old SugarCRM development and customization company have witnessed the evolution of the product from SugarCRM suite 3.0 to version 7 and now looking forward to the most anticipated v7.
We are also contributing in adding to the awesomeness of this product through customization and value added services hence making it an unmatched product in the market. We have got inspiration from the SugarCRM end-users and offered solutions that are helping SugarCRM users in a variety of industries.
Here are few of the coolest features we have designed for the community:


a. Customized layout
b. Different colors to choose from
c. Iconic menu
d. Custom screen
e. Organized dashboard
f. Stylish and convenient UX

Customer services:

a. Multiple languages support
b. Lead management
c. Call request
d. Meeting request
e. Option to switch languages
f. Customized global search
g. Two way integrations with multiple customer service applications
h. Suitability for mobile, tablets and PC
i. Swift performance


a. Customized layout reports
b. Filters for reports
c. Advanced search for reports
d. Customized access to reports
e. Optimized space in report fields


a. Meeting request
b. Auto email reminders for meetings to the concerned people
c. Scheduling