SugarCRM and WordPress – Integration & Synchronization

SugarCRM and WordPress - Integration & Synchronization

WordPress is a free and open-source software for content management, which has become a popular blogging and website creation solution with huge contributors and developers. It is perhaps the most widely used platform to create websites with tools available there. According to W3Techs, it powers more than 40% of the websites around the web, which means ⅖ of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress. Integrating WordPress with SugarCRM makes it efficient and more useful. It helps to load data from the website to SugarCRM and vice versa. 

What’s there for you while integrating SugarCRM and WordPress

  • No HTML
  • No Manual Work
  • Simple Setup
  • User-friendly UI
  • Short Code Featured
  • Dynamically Generated
  • Add, Edit fields at any time
  • Easy Manageable
  • More Options

Here are the benefits of integrating SugarCRM and WordPress

Lead Generation 

Generating leads is one of the most important processes in sales. It includes all from designing a specific form with all the required information and storing the user information as contacts in SugarCRM. It helps you get a database of your target audience and insights into their customer habits and behaviors.

User Activity Tracking

Analyzing the contact’s behaviors and interactions on your website and save this data in SugarCRM. You can use this information to send your contacts personalized messages depending upon the past activities. This may help to reduce bounce rate and boost conversions as it gives an overview of what’s going right.


You can view the performance of individual pages depending upon the user’s interests. SugarCRM gives a complete overview of all the data related to your website and allows you to view a trend of the optimal time. You can view valuable stats including pages sending the most leads to your SugarCRM and more. 

Web-to-Lead Form 

SugarCRM, integrated and sync with WordPress helps you create leads and opportunities when visitors fill a form on your website. This data from SugarCRM’s Lead, Opportunity, and Contacts modules can be further used to analyze and act upon. This sync helps to streamline processes that would take a lot of time. 


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