SugarCRM and SociaLead


Ever wondered how many of your targeted leads you can find on social media? Or how many leads you may be losing due to not being able to figure out a way to connect with them? With the ever growing population of social media users it’s just impossible to believe that the people you’ve been looking for, do not have a presence on any social platform. In fact social websites are where you can find the maximum percentage of your leads if you are targeting computer literate audience.

SociaLead is a Chrome extension that allows you to convert the social media contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc to leads and sends them directly to SugarCRM. You can find SociaLead in Chrome extension market. The direct link to the extension is:

Adding this to your browser is incredibly easy. You can search “SociaLead” in Chrome extension market or click the URL posted above. The following screen will appear:


In the login section you have to enter the SugarCRM URL and move to the next field and enter you Sugar username and lastly, your SugarCRM password.

The SugarCRM URL must be entered without index.php

To add leads you just have to go to the person’s profile and click the SociaLead icon on the Add-on bar. The lead will be created instantly in SugarCRM.



This is the standard view of the leads created:


If you have any queries or want to get some more value added to this solution please email us at info@localhost