Sugar Sell – Best CRM Solution

Sugar Sell - Best CRM Solution

SugarCRM is now Sugar Sell, Sugar Market and Sugar Serve as of 2019.

Having in it all the right ingredients to produce an outstanding customer experience and at the same time empowering Sales teams by giving them the right customer information even before the customers themselves know it, Sugar Sell is the Sales tool every salesperson could wish for.

Built with the overarching principle of producing extensive insights with the right information at the right time, Sugar Sell gives ample opportunity to each sales representative to be successful. Now it’s more about how to use the analytics most effectively vs. years of experience when it comes to being a successful Salesman.

We know that SugarCRM transformed the sales cycle by eliminating time-consuming data-entry through Excel imports and integration interfaces. Sugar Sell has taken it to another level by not only gathering data on its own from multiple business and social sources but by then producing analytics on that data that no other CRM currently does effectively. Sugar Sell helps keep track of the most critical customer touchpoints by synchronizing with email, social media activities and calendars and producing insights about the customer and their level of interest.

Of course, Sugar Sell will still continue to have the core modules we started out with i.e. Lead Management, Sales Forecasting, Quote Management, Customer Journey Management, Sugar Hint and recently improved Sugar Connect. SugarBPM™ is there for getting quotes reviewed and approved in much shorter times, the route leads based on company size or customer location, generate emails from templates and so much more. With drag and drop functionality being the cornerstone of SugarCRM, it all combines to be a very sales team-centric system.

Give your customers a whole new experience

Sugar Sell helps you to take advantage of its exceptional solutions at very affordable prices. There are no hidden fees either.

Features that Sugar Sell provides to its users:



Sugar Sell helps you to extract the exact information whenever we need to.
Sugar’s at-a-glance reporting makes it efficient to track the activities in real-time on a personalized dashboard. Sales can be forecasted easily, business growth can be monitored and gaps identified much earlier in the sales cycle.


It has become even easier for businesses to integrate their applications and tools with Sugar Sell. Sugar Sell can be integrated now with tools like Office 365 which is a major email service for many businesses. Of course, it readily integrates with Sugar Market and Sugar Serve for a complete customer view.


Sugar Sell helps you to stay at the top of your game having access to all of your information whenever required no matter which device you are using and where you are going. Sugar Sell provides mobile application helps millions of users to access the data anywhere at any time on any device.

In today’s times, customer experience has already taken center stage. Sugar Sell helps to update you on your key accounts with real-time important notifications and alerts.

In a fast-evolving world completely new challenges are waiting just around the corner for businesses. There is a constant need for businesses to adapt and move fast. This is where innovative and flexible technologies play the role of a savior for businesses looking for quick solutions and ROI. Sugar Sell is one such technology that has weathered the test of time. It is truly a relief for SMEs looking for growth and faced with multiple new challenges.