Sugar Market – Your End-to-End Marketing Automation Platform

Sugar Market - Your End-to-End Marketing Automation Platform

Sugar Market is the innovative, cost-effective, and all-in-one SugarCRM’s marketing automation solution. With a curated toolset including highly intuitive campaign builder, automation, and effective reporting, it empowers marketers and amplifies marketing strategy. It helps them to focus on what matters the most and streamline campaign creation, engagement analysis, improving conversions, and increasing revenue. Sugar Market helps to drive the right audience to your website with SEO. SEM and social media tools with high-quality landing pages, emails, and forms. With Sugar Market, you can capture leads with emails, landing pages, and forms. The lead nurturing and scoring feature allows marketers to send only the qualified leads to sales. 

Advantages of Using Sugar Market

  • Attract and track visitors
  • Create campaigns
  • Nurture prospects and accelerate revenue
  • Analyze performance and visualize results
  • Integrate with your CRMs with Sugar Market

Sugar Market brings sales and marketing teams on one page, providing easy and continuous access to the sales team to important information in CRM. Sugar Market integrates with more CRMs than any other marketing automation platform: Salesforce, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sugar Sell, Infor, Netsuite, and others. It helps sales and marketing teams to maximize customer data and enhance customer experience. It includes intuitive drag-and-drop campaign builders, lead nurturing and sophisticated scoring, advanced analytics, and BI-grade reporting dashboards. 

Sugar Market allows you to connect and engage with customers anywhere at any time. Sugar Market has covered everything in one simple and easy-to-use cloud solution. Apart from email marketing tools, it has social media management capabilities as well as Adwords management tools. Sugar Market, pre-integrated to the leading sales automation solutions like Sugar Sell, helps you track prospect customers and their behaviors across the entire customer lifecycle. This tracking leads to more timely handoffs to sales and discovers the business opportunities to drive more revenue per customer. 

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