Save 17 minutes per lead using SugarCRM Hint

Save 17 minutes per lead using SugarCRM Hint

How about we tell you that there is a better way vs. going through the pain of manual data entry of customers’ information? Would you like extracting useful patterns from available CRM data to finding a better course of action? If the answer to both of these questions is “Yes” then Sugar CRM has an exciting development for you!

Sugar CRM has recently announced to expand their flagship offering providing relationship intelligence beyond just leads and contacts. Gathering relationship intelligence related to businesses is also an option now.

Previously Hint just provided the basic information which wasn’t enough for having a 360° view of the client’s needs. This void is filled now by Hint as it provides authentic corporate data related to the contact’s firm. The information user has to add includes the type of organization, address, public revenue, size, official Facebook page and official Twitter account. All these added resources can provide valuable information which can be used for effective customer support and services.

More than Sales Support

Usually, the relationship intelligence was just used for contact details. Limited information, no real time access to information and analytics made it difficult to analyze client’s needs and issues. Previously, only the sales department could benefit from this feature which isn’t the case now. Now the sales team can respond quickly to any query due to real-time access. The customer support teams can also keep a tab on changing analytics and strategize accordingly.

Eliminating Manual Search

Hint now provides a better solution than manual search and data entry as related information is easily accessible. Just imagine all the time and effort being wasted on recording something manually? Now the required information is just a few clicks away from your team. According to Nucleus Research report “Hint can save an average of 17 minutes per lead. Delivering payback in less than a month based on just two calls”.

Productive Relationship

The information accessible with the help of the recent update is gathered from different sources to understand the customer properly. Getting to know the customer would prove an aid while preparing to engage the customer in future and building a more productive relationship.

Nucleus Research responding to the recent update in Sugar CRM’s relationship management stated “Many vendors and ecosystem partners have made investments to make social network, web, and other data more accessible to salespeople when they need them. The advantage of Sugar’s approach is the ability to select specific data and quickly pull it into the CRM account profile in the context of a particular opportunity a sales person is working on”.

The expansion is available now and it is supported by the latest version Sugar CRM and the advanced versions. If you require information regarding the pricing or the deployment of Sugar CRM just connect with us and our sales team would get in touch with you in no time. It’s time to make use of the available data to turn prospects into leads and leads into clients with the help of real-time data sharing.