Salesforce to SugarCRM Migration


As a SugarCRM customization company we have seen the growing demand of data migration from Salesforce to SugarCRM. The advancements in the sales and marketing and campaigns have made it obligatory for the entrepreneurs and marketers to smartly design their campaigns and develop a creative mix of sales, marketing and customer communication using the tools that can provide the best ROI. This sometimes involve changing the CRM for good as there is a bigger benefit involved than mere “comfort zone”.
Both Salesforce and SugarCRM are profitable and user friendly solutions however there always has been a recurring tussle between the advocates of both systems ( mostly regarding salesforce to SugarCRM migration ). As Salesforce offers a complete range of productive features for sales, SugarCRM provides a comprehensive opportunities and tools for running a bug-free business and solutions for capricious market trends. The decision is really hard.
Below is a comparison of key features of both CRM systems:

User interface and data collaboration:

Digitalization of your data in Salesforce database is relatively simpler and easier. You can create campaigns, sales records and contacts with no pain at all. The user interface is very simple and you can navigate through it without much effort. But it’s not an ideal CRM solution for customization as the new tools turn it into bit of a boring product.
SugarCRM on the other hand, provides a comprehensive view of all your contacts, accounts and sales archive. This is virtually a 360 degree view of your business that enables you to distinguish the important contacts and create more targeted campaigns. The user interface is simple, easy and conveniently customizable. Unlike Salesforce, customization adds more value to the product.


Salesforce has four standard paid plans for sales cloud with an annual contract requirement for all commercial versions.
• Group offers basic sales and marketing opportunities up to 5 users. It is billed annually $25 user/month and offers account and contact management and leads and tasks tracking.
• Professional is a full CRM system which is suitable for any size business. It costs $65 user/month and provides campaign and customization abilities.
• Enterprise plan provides extended customization options, integration and workflow for $125 user/month.
• Unlimited version offers the maximum of all features and opportunities provided by Salesforce for $250 user/month.

SugarCRM offers three On-demand plans with obligatory annual subscription.

• SugarCRM Professional costs $35 user/month and offers sales and support automation, lead management, reporting and unlimited customization.
• SugarCRM Enterprise comes with $60 user/month and has opportunity management, forecasting abilities, phone support and activity streams.
• SugarCRM Ultimate provides with assigned technical account manager, private cloud and round the clock support for $150 per user per month.

Workflow management:

Salesforce offers a very organized and systematic workflow management. The mechanism is basically point and click that involves auto-assignment of tasks, automated email alerts and a complete view of sales stages.
On the other hand SugarCRM workflow is more focused on automation of tasks, email alerts and notifications regarding status of transaction or deals and opportunities. It also keeps updating the records automatically.

Tips for migration:

If you are too accustomed to Salesforce but still want to switch to a faster system or something that is more fun with customization, SugarCRM would perfectly suit you. Tech Implement has done several projects of data migration and you can seek help for automated, convenient and secure migration.