Salesforce Einstein – Leveraging the AI Cloud

Salesforce Einstein - Leveraging the AI Cloud

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly transforming the way businesses interact with their customers using technology.  A few times back, AI was one of the costly and complex technologies to use on a business scale that only some of the enterprises could afford, but now the game has changed. AI is in use of every type of kine whether small, medium, or enterprise level. Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the fields where businesses could use plenty of AI applications. Companies generate tons of data and gain insights from it for better marketing and sales analysis. Artificial Intelligence is a technology that allows you to store a large volume of data in the cloud and act as machine learning, natural language processing, deep learning, and analytics. To keep, manage and analyze data, Salesforce introduced Einstein – an AI helper.

Salesforce Einstein helps everyone in a company to work smarter and enhance the customer experience. Organizations can easily analyze their data, predict and plan the next steps and make their decisions accordingly using AI. Salesforce Einstein acts as a dedicated data scientist to use AI in customer relationships. It learns from data behavior via emails, CRM data, social data and then offers recommendations on what to do next. 

Benefits of using Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a self-intelligent tool that identifies the company’s most important business insights and predicts the best possible next step. To adopt Einstein, you don’t need to enable Salesforce Einstein separately, it’s already embedded right there. 

Sales Cloud Einstein: 

Sales representatives need to focus on the right leads and close them as soon as possible. It provides an extensive list of features including Lead Scoring, Activity Capture, Insights on Opportunity, Accounts, and Contacts. 

Service Cloud Einstein: 

Service Cloud Einstein enables the contact centers to gain customer insights using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in real-time. This allows you to offer a better and transformed customer service experience. 

Marketing Cloud Einstein: 

Using this, the marketing team generates campaigns according to recommendations and predictions as per the customer’s need. Salesforce Einstein enables you to predict the optimal audience channel, timing, as well as marketing content. 

Community Cloud Einstein:

It recommends you the right content for a user’s question and adds AI to develop customized chats, recommend articles, topics and experts.

Analytics Cloud Einstein: 

It automates and prioritizes the next insight you need to know. Within your Salesforce CRM, you can easily continue your analytics journey with modern analytics features. This Einstein feature makes it possible for the CRM to analyze tons of data to obtain predictive insights and prescriptive recommendations. 

Commerce Cloud Einstein: 

Einstein makes AI-powered commerce much easier than you imagine. It recommends the right offers and products at the right time, increasing the order value. Order Management, Google Android Pay Integration, Mobile Site Reference, Architecture Blueprints, and Predictive Sort are few example features. 

Salesforce IoT Einstein: 

Salesforce has combined Einstein and IoT in one platform where Einstein attains access to IoT signals, which come from customers to build AI predictive models. This model automates and predicts events, and enables end-users to act on their important insights. 

Salesforce Platform Einstein: 

Einstein is not limited to just making your Salesforce CRM apps smarter, but it also helps you to create custom apps. It enables developers to establish their custom deep learning models from image data and unstructured text like customer emails, meeting notes, and social media posts. 


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