Salesforce Chatter : An Enterprise Social Collaboration Tool

Salesforce Chatter : An Enterprise Social Collaboration Tool

Salesforce Chatter is a free social collaboration tool provided within the Salesforce platform. It is a tool like Facebook and Twitter, but just for the organizations. It helps users to collaborate at work securely and establish networks, status updates, and share files. It allows you to follow people and groups within the company’s private and secure internal network. This enterprise social collaboration platform has revolutionized the way employees communicate with each other, especially in large companies with a number of employees or even small organizations that have a geographically dispersed workforce.

Chatter can also be considered as a company intranet or employee directory. Employees can follow people as well as documents to collaborate on sales opportunities, campaigns, projects, service cases, and tasks. Like Facebook and LinkedIn, Chatter also allows users to manage their feeds and receive notifications by setting priorities. It helps you drive productivity, accelerate innovation, share knowledge, and take action anywhere. 

Here are some top features of Salesforce Chatter

Post Status Updates and Questions 

Chatter provides a platform for everyone to share insights or ideas that can increase productivity and overall performance. You can use the feed to post interesting articles, websites, or other content to share relevant information across the board. 

Share Your Work in Real-Time

Chatter incredibly helps to connect every employee with data, files, and experts anywhere at any time. It eliminates version mania because users can easily update the original file-sharing to the most current version. By getting direct feedback and insights, employees can do their jobs better. Moreover, you can engage senior executives to interact with junior employees.

Privately Collaborate on Sensitive Projects

Using public social network tools can leave out important proprietary information in public. Thankfully, Chatter allows companies to collaborate privately with the same use and accessibility of public social networks, helping them to keep their data secure. 

Integrate Twitter Data into Your Profile

Salesforce chatter makes it easy to follow customers and partners from within your Salesforce profile. This integration provides related data from companies to be appended to their internal records so that you can access the latest news for the company. Sales representatives can see who they know in common with one quick and recent tweet. 


Salesforce Chatter brings many benefits of social media to companies and decreases duplicated work. It helps to increase the efficiency and speed at which sales teams process the least opportunities and improve internal communication. Tech Implement can help you leverage Salesforce Chatter for your business. 

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