Running The Custom Code Validation Tool In Microsoft Dynamics CRM


The new versions of Microsoft dynamics CRM need updated JavaScript to support the system and Microsoft has released the custom code validation tool to identify the need of JavaScript upgrade in order to keep the system running smoothly.
There are separate versions of this tool for MS dynamics CRM 2011 and MS dynamics CRM 2013 which can be found in Microsoft download center.

custom code validation tool in microsoft dynamics crm

Steps to run the tool:

1. Extract the contents from the downloadable file and don’t forget to see the handy ReadMe file.

2. Navigate to Solutions in your CRM organization and select Import.

3. Import the .zip file that was extracted from the downloadable file in the first step.

4. Wait until the import is finished then click Publish.

5. Select Custom Code Validation tool in the Solutions list and click the button to launch the tool.

A list of your Web resources will be displayed in the top left corner by the custom code validation tool, the script will be displayed in the middle pane and the test results on the bottom. A key on the top right will guide you about how to read the results.

6. Scroll through the list and track the items marked in red as they need to be fixed. The blue items do effect cross browser support but they should be running smoothly in Internet Explorer.
This is your complete guide to run the custom code validation tool in Microsoft dynamics CRM.

Please let us know if you encounter any errors in running the code or need some more information. We’d be more than happy to receive your emails at info@localhost