Quickbooks Integration With Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Accounting and CRM often overlap in business processes making it important for the organizations to combine them in order to avoid data duplication or data inconsistency. The best way to bring these two in line with each other is integration. QuickBooks integration with Microsoft dynamics CRM can be two way as well as one way sync. You can free your systems from duplicate and inconsistent data as this integration automatically transfers the data you enter in one software to another so the manual effort you put in data assessment and deleting double entries completely vanishes saving you a lot of time and energy. The integration also allows you to make more informed decisions as it presents a clear picture of prospects’ accounting information.

The key features of this integration are:

• Customer linkage between the two systems to avoid data duplication and inconsistency complications.

• Synchronization of inventories to help your sales team get the exact stock detail from the CRM to deal with the customers’ orders and quotations more effectively and efficiently.

• Improved security system for viewing the financial data of the customer based on their CRM profile.

• The synchronization of the QuickBooks financial information of customers including sales transactions, payment and aging with Dynamics CRM for helping the sales team with recovery and follow ups.

• Synchronization of products and price lists and pricing maintenance in both systems to ensure that the team is working with the latest pricing.

• Promotion of quotes, sales, orders or invoices from QuickBooks to MS dynamics CRM and CRM to QuickBooks giving a seamless standard order of workflow.

• A complete view of sales and payments history in Microsoft dynamics CRM dashboard.

What benefits you receive:
The data synchronization is just one aspect of the integration that improves the sales process however there is much more to this solution that can make your work life a lot easier than before:
Below are the benefits you get in a nutshell:

a. Business tasks automation
b. Robust tools for reporting and analytics
c. Services scheduling
d. Marketing automation
e. Advanced tools for management and notifications
f. Effective integration with outlook and MS office
g. Quick campaign wizard
h. Easy customization
i. Quicker data searches

The integration also provides you the satisfaction of using the technology backed by two large organizations that never fail their users. As QuickBooks is the market leader in the accounting software market and MS dynamics CRM is the most robust CRM system designed for the marketing, sales, customer services and internal business processes automation. The combination of two creates a power pack that does wonders to your business.