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Sayr Pk

Pakistan’s No. 1 Travel App (Focuses on Travel Experience)

Visit the places you like to or you have heard about a lot without facing any hurdle and search. Travel all over Pakistan for fun, shopping, food, and many more. You can ask city-specific questions in our in-app forum, enter your trip code and find the complete route and everything along the way. You can also check the weather updates for different locations around Pakistan. We help travelers to explore more and more places to have fun and making memories.


Where you Stay Coordinated and Updated in Real-time (Focuses on Workers Experience)

A field management service application solution is the best fit for the workers to coordinate with the back office using the service desk. Using this app, you can also see all your on-site workers’ location, track their hours, automation can schedule and dispatch jobs and easily monitor the incoming customer requests. It is definitely helpful to know about on-field staff’s real-time location, utilization of duty hours, and track their performance as per their skills. In this way, you can assist in allocating them work orders, distribute tasks and handle requests from customers.


A CRM that gets Physical! (Focuses on Consumer Experience)

Right now, the Internet of Things is the most popular phrase in the tech industry. The rapidly growing loT is changing the marketing landscape as well as improving sales and customer experience. It has a no-click user interface, templated business applications, device connectivity, workflow engine, and loT analytics. It connects multiple locations. We have made an extremely intelligent CRM system with high salesperson adaptability, 100% proactive customer support, and flexibility.

Salesforce Construction App

An App that makes Construction Easier & Effective (Focuses on Contractor Experience)

TI construction app completely focuses on vendors’ workflow and needs, to make their operations with construction easier and effective oven at the long distance. It helps the vendors who go on-site to check the activities, make estimations, and quotes Contractors. Suppliers and team members can easily communicate with each other when needed to complete the construction project.

Taleem Portal

Making Digital Education Easier (Focuses on Student Experience)

We are out to revolutionize the education sector in Pakistan using technology and innovative tools. We have been working to make education fun, relevant & Interactive for students all across Pakistan. Our team strongly believes in making SOAR STEM SCHOOLS modern, innovative, and more successful by bringing in the latest usable Technologies, Tools & Resources.

Our Student Management System is highly focused on improvising processes and cost saving of the educational institutes. It is a complete campus management system assisting the management teams to successfully carry out their operations. Some of the salient features are Class Registration / Enrollment, E-learning, Timetable management, HR Management, and Fee management.

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