Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field App Review

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field App Review

Dynamics 365 Field Service is a tool that is used to manage the workforce by providing them with the products and services at various locations.

It gives you the ability to change your organizational methods according to its growth and reaching out to new markets.

Adding detailed workflows and proper scope of your services improves the overall performance of your organization.

Field Service Management is quite difficult to handle due to the ever-evolving competition in the market.

Every job needs to be assigned to the person who is most capable and suitable for the job.

There are various details that shouldn’t be overlooked include field resources, location, customer availability, parts, job duration, due date, time window, and Service Legal Agreement.

Work Order Management

Field Service App can help you in monitoring and improving inventory management.

The services requests are directly linked to work orders.

When it comes to the work order life cycle, the work orders have to be created, scheduled, dispatched, serviced, reviewed or approved.

These orders are further invoiced and the inventory is adjusted in a much better way.


Management of the Resources

Field Service provides you with different resources but the primary ones are the dispatchers, managers, and technicians.

The dispatchers are responsible for scheduling and managing resources along with work orders.

You can minimize the number of staff by scheduling work orders and managing resources in a better way making life easier for the Field Service managers.

Field Service managers are responsible for making sure that the technicians and dispatchers are placed in the right places and being given suitable tasks.

Every work order has to be reviewed and approved by the manager before closure.

Field Service technicians can access the Field Service App through their mobile phones when they are in the field.

The job queue is sent to them along with a notification through an e-mail or a text message.

They can access information like tasks, product parts, notes, photos, and signatures that can help them complete their job in a better way.

They enjoy proper customer insights, real-time instructions, and cross-team collaboration while remaining in the field.

Inventory Management

One of the most useful aspects of this app is “Inventory Management”.

This feature keeps you informed about the stock in the inventory as well as daily updates.

You can have real-time access to your warehouses, depots, distribution vehicles, and the workforce.

In this way, you are fully aware of the inventory situation and you can make timely decisions for purchasing or replenishment.


Dynamics 365 Field Service App can really help your organization to increase the customer satisfaction.

By using the scheduling, contract management, and inventory management features you can really increase the efficiency of your whole organizational structure.

Each and every work order is reviewed properly before closure making sure that the customers have a great experience with the organization.

If you want to learn more about customer satisfaction and Dynamics 365, we would be more than happy to assist you.

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