Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration With WordPress


Microsoft dynamics CRM with WordPress integration is an ultra-powerful package that lets users connect their enterprise resource planning and customer service management with their wordpress sites. This combination drastically boosts up user management, keeps the track reports of incoming short codes form texts or messages and creates contacts forms with great ease. Also, Microsoft dynamics CRM integration with WordPress provides you a streamlined and organized view of your users via custom features, search filters and correspondence records. Below is the list of core features of this integration that make it a solution that entrepreneurs dream of:

a. Easy submission of new user data attributes
b. Activity record
c. Dynamic charts presentation
d. Development based on short code forms
e. Contacts message management
f. User CSV export
g. Incredibly easy user organization, filtering and editing
h. Notes tracking

You can use your Microsoft dynamics CRM and WordPress very successfully with integration as well as separately. i.e. If you want to integrate both on a lead generation level in order to streamline the leads’ data and information, there is a solution available for this. So virtually there can be different levels of integration of Microsoft dynamics CRM with WordPress which only makes it even more attractive for the users.


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    Can I see a demo of this integration between Dynamics CRM and WordPress ?

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