Microsoft dynamics CRM integration with sharepoint


Sharepoint is a familiar name in offices all over the world due to its tool management system and CMS that helps businesses put together the bits and form a coherent, intelligible picture of available resources and tools along with collaborative content. Over time we have seen a growing demand of Microsoft dynamics CRM integration with Sharepoint as many businesses want to bring everything happening in their organization in a unified frame to elude hassle and mismanagement. Tech Implement provides a cool Sharepoint connector solution that helps you to get these two systems seamlessly connected smoothly, eliminating the need to direct the low level API. This integration allows Microsoft dynamics CRM users to perform the same operations they are accustomed to using Sharepoint directly. It also increases the MME. dynamic with collaborative arrangements provided by Sharepoint.

The key advantages of integration:

The integration enables you to:

a. Create, download, view, delete and update documents in Microsoft dynamics CRM.

b. Use Microsoft dynamics documents management systems and document control in / out, control document versions and modify document properties.

c. Two-way synchronization of documents

d. Get the data and reports from CRM in MS. dynamic with customers and allow them to send requests, view information and see results by Sharepoint

e. Eliminate the need of Point-to-Point connection.

f. Access point of warning markers and elimination of duplicate data

g. Enjoy increased efficiency and business productivity

h. Improve Team Collaboration

i. Have perfection in systems works (structured data in MS dynamics. Against unstructured data in Sharepoint)

j. Possibility to easily connect with non-Microsoft systems


Integration details:

Tech Implement facilitates integration through the following approaches:
Provides the connector, which facilitates connecting to and using Sharepoint API seamlessly, without having to wade through the implementation of low-level API
We simplify the integration with Sharepoint and streamline all the updates to the contents of Sharepoint including materials and resources.
Below is a simple how-guide that can help you understand the integration of these two systems on a basic level:

Step 1: Click on CRM -> Settings -> Document Management

Step 2: You will settings available under the document management settings.

Step 3: Click on Document Management Settings, enter the SharePoint site URL where you want to save documents. Click Next. In case you don’t have the Microsoft Dynamics CRM List Component it will give you a warning message.

Step 4: We need to setup SharePoint for this List Component. For that download the List component for the correct version of CRM and upload it into the Solutions Gallery of SharePoint.

Step 5: Activate the solution and be sure that the Status is activated.You may get errors in activation. To rectify, make sure the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sandbox Processing Service and Microsoft SharePoint foundation Sandboxed Code Service services are started.

Step 6: Document management can be enabled for those entities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that can be customized. By default, document management is enabled only for the following entities in a new installation of CRM.
• Account
• KbArticle
• Lead
• Opportunity
• Product
• Quote
• SalesLiterature

Step 7: Once document management is enabled for an entity, you will see the option for documents.
Step 8: You can add document location for this entity assuming the location is created and the appropriate permissions are set on SharePoint.
Step 9: And if everything goes right, you will see the familiar (at least to me) interface of SharePoint from within Dynamics CRM. You can start uploading documents and use document management functionality.


  1. Ivan Wainewright : August 4, 2015 at 8:20 am

    You say that there is “Two-way synchronization of documents”. Can you expand on what you mean by that? Thanks.

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