Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration with SAP


One of the biggest challenges for enterprise organizations is the centralization of their data as many of them use multiple systems to support their processes, data, sales and marketing and customer care. SAP ERP is one of the top technologies that are penetrated so deeply with the enterprise level companies as well as Microsoft dynamics CRM. Both systems have a robust structure that allows organizations to execute complex operations with remarkable ease. Microsoft dynamics CRM integration with SAP is an inexpensive solution that centralizes your customer information from both systems.
With a unified view of your customers available in Microsoft dynamics CRM, your employees can investigate the customers’ account details with more ease while on the go, analyze opportunities and threats as well as compile the reports.
From local deployments to large international roll outs, companies around the world are integrating SAP ERP system with Microsoft dynamics CRM to provide their sales and service teams with a 360 degree view of customers at any time and any place. Below are a few benefits of this integration that may be interesting for many organizations:

a. A 360 degree view of the customers information
b. Cost reduction due to centralized information
c. Easily accessible information for the sales teams to answer questions and prepare pitches
d. Flexibility to fit unique businesses

How does it work?

a. Your customer and material master is integrated with CRM so the sales teams have access to key customers and product data.
b. The state-of-the-art quoting system is configured in CRM and you get incredible features like QuickQuote, QuoteCopy and more.
c. CRM is allowed to query SAP for accurate pricing and it is made sure that you quote customers the same price in SAP and MS dynamics CRM
d. Users are enabled to create sales orders in SAP from won CRM quotes and it will be done in a few clicks.
e. Summarized orders and invoices are transferred from SAP to CRM so you can have the information available in your CRM dashboard.

How it is done?

a. The solution is modular and doesn’t occupy too much space or require any hi-tech machines to function. It is built using standard SDK and API on both Microsoft dynamics CRM and SAP side.
b. You don’t need any special software or infrastructure in place for the implementation of this integration solution. It does not require any third party products or middleware unless you prefer to use a dedicated integration platform.
c. Multiple network and data security solutions support this integration solution so you do not have to worry about the security of information.


  1. Interested in your recommended integration methods for this. We have done a lot of this integration and it is not ‘quite’ as simple as you’ve posted – but we fully agree that it can be done. Do you have any specific methods or integration software?

    thanks for the post… We agree.

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