Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Platform for Customer Experience Transformation

Microsoft Dynamics 365: A Platform for Customer Experience Transformation

In today’s world of everything digitally available and connected, customer experience has become crucial than ever. If you are not up to the customer’s expectations and delivering what they want, you will easily be replaced in minutes. You will not only lose your customers but may face the worst in the ongoing customer relationship. No doubt, Customer experience is at the top priority for the businesses and a key differentiator. 90% of decision-makers say that customer service is important to customer loyalty towards a brand. More than 55% of IT decision-makers are increasing investments in CX this year, and more than 40% are accelerating CX transformation. 

Customer expectations have evolved as digital technologies and cloud computing are introduced and came into practice. It has transformed the customers’ buying habits and user experience. Customers want every information and interaction on the medium they want. They are less tolerant of mishaps or delays. Data-driven interactions, security, personalization, and agility are not value adds anymore, they are the components of a business survival kit now. It is very important to have a platform to meet all of these requirements. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is definitely one. It empowers all facets of a customer experience transformation. 

Let’s see what are the reasons that make Microsoft Dynamics 365 a best-in-class solution for customer experience. 

Insightful and intelligent

With advanced analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides complete information that can help you in decision-making or processes efficiency. For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service, AI allows organizations to efficiently dispatch the right technician for the right job having relevant experience. 


In today’s world of digital democratization, customers want personalized interactions based on history. Dynamics 365 provides access to all employees at all departments to current, accurate, complete, and consistent data. Customers can take advantage of an omnichannel platform with a self-service and collaboration-enabled portal with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service. 

Common data platform

Microsoft Dynamics 365 being part of the Microsoft cloud which is highly integrated through a common data platform, enables organizations to deliver great customer experiences across the entire customer journey. Native integrations across Microsoft 365 and Teams enhance secure remote collaboration and employee productivity. 

Data privacy protection

Microsoft Azure comes with built-in, multi-layered, and integrated security controls and threat intelligence to keep up with a cybersecurity landscape. Microsoft provides all the data to their customers and never competes with them.  

Connected and automated

Customers are less tolerant of downtime or delays in getting the information they want. Microsoft Dynamics 365 connects all aspects of customer experience including marketing, sales, service, at all times. This platform is resilient, automated, easily scalable, and simple to deploy. 

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