Mapping Field Service to CRM

Mapping Field Service to CRM

For an organization, one of the most important tasks is to manage the workforce that includes technicians performing complex tasks. Logging all the activities require a lot of workforces if the whole process is not automated properly which makes the whole process lengthy and expensive. Field service operations cannot be handled properly with the help of just a few databases as there is a huge chance of human error.

Automating field service management is the only solution to control the operations through mobile devices and recording every activity on spot. That’s why CRM developers have created special systems to facilitate such organizations.

A CRM is mostly used for bridging the gap between the customer and the organization. Providing innovative measures to connect to the customers at every level of the organization. As all the information is being recorded so in case of any delay the customer can get all the required details. The management can also monitor their technicians round the clock. Here’s how a CRM can help your organization in field service management.

Connecting to Prospects

In such a competitive market it is vital to reach out to your prospects before anyone else. CRM gives you control over storing the contact of hundreds of thousands of potential customers and sending them your custom messages on a regular basis without any hustle.

Prospect to Lead Conversion (Case)

Once you get a query or reply back from a prospect you can track the request and assign it to your best employees. Monitoring the status of the request at every step becomes a piece of cake and you can take the case in your hand whenever you want as an admin.

Organization and Customer Support

Whenever you get a request for service or product from the client your agent has to create a work order against it. It has to be made sure afterward that the request has been forwarded to the suitable employee keeping in view the expertise and availability. The employee has to complete the work after receiving the order and has to change the request status. The whole process can be completed with a central platform connected to mobile devices.

One Platform Solution

If the customer is not provided with correct information and he/she has to call back it can cost the organization a cost of $200 to $300 to send a technician more than once. Streamlining operations become easier because the customers, dispatchers, technicians, and managers are all connected at a single platform. You can provide a more personalized customer service experience to your customers with the help of such a system.

field service management and CRM

Dispatcher Scheduling

After you’ve got a request from a customer now it is time for the dispatcher to do his/her job. An automated system makes it easier for the dispatcher to assign the job to the most suitable worker every single time. The dispatcher can dispatch the workers, track, and monitor them on their cell phones.


Creating invoices after a job has been completed can be automated which could be initiated by changing the status of the request as completed. The invoice can instantly be sent to the customers for initiating the payment process.

Get Insights

As each and every job is being tracked and the customers’ complaints, as well as details, are recorded the data can be used to improve your organizational performance in the future. Get real-time visibility into the dispatchers, manager, and technicians’ performance to handle all the issues beforehand.

Inventory Management

A system that holds the details of your inventory in real-time along with the material being used and added informs you about the inventory situation in a timely manner.

Customer Retention

Once a customer has demanded your services your products or services his/her contact would be saved in the system automatically. These contacts can be used further in offering the customers more services, products, and discounts to increase the percentage of customer retention.

Remote Access

No need of being in the office to handle the overall operations as everything is accessible through your mobile. Monitor your workers throughout their working hours and also remain connected to your customers. The organizational operations, as well as individual operations, can be monitored through a smartphone by the manager without any trouble.

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