Key Features of Sales Force Automation Tools for 2020

Key Features of Sales Force Automation Tools for 2020

Sales force automation is the process of automating sales activities to help sales teams in lead management, opportunity management, sales conversions, and operations of data.

This can be time-consuming but includes all the tasks associated with the prospect such as data entry, data segmentation, and prospect allocation. Even IDC analysis suggests that the use of sales automation in CRMs helps sales teams to increase sales closures by 30%. Sales force automation has now become more advanced by using the latest technologies like machine learning and AI. Such technologies help in providing deep insights, predictive analytics, customer intelligence reports, and personalized marketing 

Every sales force automation tool offers its own modules. Let’s see what are the key features of sales force automation that every tool must offer.  

1- Contact Management

This feature includes a dashboard with complete contact information, profiles, engagements, history, complaints, purchases, emails, notes, billings, and all other activities. Contact Management enhances the collaboration of business units such as Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. 

2- Lead Management

Lead Management is an automated system that provides the right lead information to the sales professionals and saves valuable time. Lead management features include lead capturing, lead assignment, lead segmentation, and real-time lead tracking.

3- Opportunity Management

Opportunity tracking is an important function in the sales pipeline. Automated opportunity management feature enables real-time accessibility, competitor information, opportunity milestone tracking, and sales forecasting.  

4- Report and Analysis

Reporting and analysis dashboard is vital for every sales force automation tool. This includes customizable reports, insights, competitor insights, and sales forecasts.

There are various sales force automation tools in the market for different industries, business models as well as for every company size. Here is the list of most popular sales force automation software for 2020 that offers all the important key features.  

  1. Dynamics 365
  2. SugarCRM 
  3. Salesforce 
  4. HubSpot
  5. Zoho CRM 
  6. Bpm Online
  7. Bitrix 24
  8. Zendesk Sell
  9. Pipedrive
  10. Infusion Soft

However, it’s a mature market and such tools serve the needs of specific industries, C2C or B2B needs, or even for SMBs, mid-size, and enterprise-scale companies.